Meet the All New 2022 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra Interior – Spoiler, it’s Amazing!

New 2022 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra TRD Sport Interior in Red & Black

Quick Look: An Overview for the 2022 Toyota Tundra Interior – Features, Options, Highlights & New Technology to Expect!

The 2022 Toyota Tundra is new and improved in more ways than one. From an upgraded box-on-frame and rigid design to its impressive engine power and capability, it’s obvious Toyota is looking to leave its mark in the full-size pickup truck market.

The new Tundra really stands out when it comes to its completely redesigned interior. Featuring modern design touches and in-built advanced technologies, the Tundra’s interior goes toe-to-toe with that of other full-size trucks in its segment. Offering six trim options – SR, SR5, Limited, Platinum, 1794, and TRD Pro – Toyota’s design team made sure each stood out, each distinct in their design to fit consumer preferences.

Here are all the new interior features you’ll find in the latest Tundra.

Modern Interior Design

2022 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra Capstone Trim Interior - Ambient Lighting

Pictured – 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone Interior

The Tundra’s interior design was developed by Toyota Motor Corporation’s North American design studio, Calty Design Research, in Newport Beach, California, and Ann Arbor, Michigan. The team’s mantra for the interior and exterior design of the truck was “technical muscle”, a reflection of both the advanced capability and ruggedness of the new Tundra. This is especially clear to see in the interior, which retains an off-road aesthetic complemented by modern, refined touches.

The team opted for a horizontal layout as opposed to a vertical one found in most other trucks in its segment. According to the team at Calty, this layout is in line with their design objective to integrate the instrument panel and center stack to flow with the interior layout.

Seat Options

All New 2022 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Red Interior

Depending on the trim you decide to go with, premium leather-trimmed seats are standard on the 1794 edition and Platinum, while lower trims (SR and SR5) come standard with fabric-trimmed materials. Limited and TRD Pro feature Toyota’s SofTex®-trimmed seats. Toyota ensured that in most trims, high-touch, in-cabin areas, like armrests and the dash, were wrapped or padded with premium materials to protect their surfaces. Standard on Limited, Platinum and TRD Pro grades are heated and ventilated front seats, while the 1794 comes standard with heated and ventilated front and rear seats.

All trims, except TRD Pro, come standard with rear under-seat storage compartment with removable and adjustable partitions.

Distinct Design for Each Trim

New 2022 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra Available Interior Trims

Each trim has a unique aesthetic to match customer preferences.

While the base SR model and the SR5 trims’ interior are more rugged in appearance, the Limited and Platinum have a more polished look. The 1794 – a western-style luxury truck – has a sophisticated, warm look, and features real American walnut with open-pore finish throughout the interior – on door panels, center console and the dash. The TRD Pro – true to its off-road character – features seats with technical camo pattern inserts. All trims feature a spacious center console, but the dashboard design is unique for each.

Cab Options & Configuration

New 2022 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra Double Cab Long Bed

For the 2022 Tundra, Toyota is offering two cabs – a Double Cab with rear half-doors and a CrewMax with four full doors.

In terms of space and legroom, Toyota has slightly reduced dimensions for both cab configurations compared to its predecessors. The new Double Cab has 33.3 inches of rear-seat legroom, compared to 34.7 inches in the 2021 Tundra, and the CrewMax now has 41.6 inches of rear-seat legroom versus 42.3 inches of the older model. Still, there is more than enough legroom for back-row passengers.

All-New Multimedia System

New 12.3-inch 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra Infotainment Multimedia Display System

Toyota’s all-new audio multimedia is debuting in the 2022 Toyota Tundra and will be featured in future Toyota and Lexus models.

Toyota has completely revamped its infotainment offering, and this new system is jam-packed with all sorts of cool tech features. Let’s break down all the new features in the following sections.

Large Landscape-Oriented Touchscreen Displays

2022 Toyota Tundra Platinum Interior Review & Overview

A standard Tundra is equipped with an 8-inch color touchscreen LCD which features Toyota’s brand new multimedia system software, developed by Toyota Connected Services. Also available is the massive 14-inch color touchscreen LCD, one of the largest multimedia systems in the truck’s segment, which is standard in select trims. The touchscreen is mounted right in the center of the dash. Both offer impressive screen resolutions (720p for the 8-inch and 1080p for the 14-inch) and work more or less like a typical tablet, allowing you to zoom in and out, swipe and scroll with your fingers like you would on a tablet or smartphone.

The layout is clean, with bold, crisp graphics and easy-to-read text. Laid out vertically on the left side of the screen are direct access options for navigation, phone, audio/music, vehicle information and general settings. According to Toyota, processing speeds are five times that of its predecessor, which makes this new system highly responsive.

Wireless Smartphone Compatibility

The new system comes in-built with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. For iPhone users, this means you have wireless access to apps like Apple Messages and Maps, while android users can wirelessly connect to the system and enjoy their favorite apps.

Wi-Fi Connect with Amazon Music & Apple Music

For music lovers, both Amazon Music and Apple Music are supported on the infotainment system, allowing you to sign in to either account through the Toyota App. This enables you to directly play music from your Amazon or Apple Music accounts on the infotainment’s Wi-Fi hotspot, which is powered by AT&T. Keep in mind that this feature requires a paid subscription (Wi-Fi Connect); with the 14-inch touchscreen, you enjoy a free trial period first before paying for the service.

Qi-Compatible Wireless Charging Dock

2022 Tundra Wireless Charging - Qi-Compatible

For those days when you forget your smartphone charger, Toyota has included a vertical wireless charging dock for your convenience. It is located in the central console and comes standard on 1794 and TRD Pro trims while it is available as an options package on Limited.

Cloud Navigation

With Toyota’s Drive Connect service, you get access to Toyota’s native navigation system. It replaces the previous generation’s Dynamic Navigation System and provides real-time over-the-air (OTA) updates for Points of Interest (POIs), mapping, traffic and more navigation enhancing content. It works offline as well, if you happen to be in a remote area with limited or no connectivity. This service requires a paid subscription, although, with the 14-inch touchscreen, you enjoy a free-trial period.

Intelligent Assistant with Natural Voice Recognition

3rd Gen Toyota Tundra New Navigation

The new infotainment system features a new Intelligent Assistant with natural voice recognition. This virtual companion responds to commands spoken by a driver or passenger. Simply use a wake-up phrase like “Hi Toyota” or “Ok Toyota” to activate this function. Follow this up with your request – directions to the nearest supermarket or restaurant, change the in-cabin temperature, or any other task. The information is up-to-date, thanks to the Google Points of Interest data which the system uses.

One cool feature of the new Tundra is the two microphones placed on either side of the front seats – one above the driver and the other above the front passenger. The Intelligent Assistant can pick up who is requesting what and can adjust accordingly. For example, if the front passenger requests a temperature change, the Intelligent Assistant can detect that it is the front passenger, not the driver, sending the request and will adjust only the climate control system on their side of the cabin. It is important to note here that the Intelligent Assistant comes with a Drive Connect subscription.

Multiple User Profiles & Improved Bluetooth Connectivity

In households where more than one person drives the truck, a cool feature on the new Tundra is the multiple user profiles. It allows up to three user profiles to be stored on the system, with the personalized preferences and settings of each user saved to be accessed when a particular user is driving the truck.
Also, Bluetooth connectivity has been enhanced. With the new improvement, two Bluetooth devices can be simultaneously paired, allowing, for example, two smartphones to receive phone calls at the same time.

12.3-Inch Fully Digital Instrument Panel

New Digital 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra Instrument Panel Display

The 12.3-in instrument panel display (available on select trims), positioned directly in front of the driver, is fully digital and provides customizable content with options for roll details and pitch. It displays essential driving information in clear, high-contrast quality. You can choose from one of five cinematic screens which showcase adventure destinations while the truck is powering up. Screen options include Glacier National Park, Monument Valley and El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

For lower trims (SR, SR5 and Limited), the standard instrumentation panel is a combination meter with analog gauges (speedometer, tachometer, oil and fuel gauges) and a 4.1-in. color TFT Multi-Information Display (MID).

Panoramic Moonroof

2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone Interior & Moonroof

Available on the new Tundra is a panoramic moon roof that is easily activated with the push of a button to open or close, depending on your mood. It is fully retractable which allows passengers to enjoy full bursts of fresh air, or to stargaze at night.

Panoramic View Monitor

3rd Gen Toyota Tundra Panoramic 360 Degree Exterior Camera View

For optimal navigation, Toyota offers a panoramic view monitor that comes standard on select trims. This feature provides a 360-degree view of the outside of the truck using cameras on the front, rear and sides of the vehicle. This feature is not available on the SR but comes standard on 1794, Platinum and TRD Pro.

Power Vertical Rear Window

2022 Tundra Power Rear Window

On certain configurations, Toyota offers a power vertical rear window with defogger and privacy glass that optimizes airflow inside the cabin, which is especially convenient for those long, off-road adventures. It is easy to activate, with just a push of a button.

Standard Toyota Safety Sense™ 2.5 Technology

All trims come with Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 technology for optimal driver assistance and car safety. This advanced suite of safety systems includes Lane Tracing Assist, a Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Alert, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Automatic High Beams.

Toyota came ready to play and take on its competitors in the full-size truck segment. This interior is impressive and full of enhanced functionality over the outdated interior of its predecessor. We think Toyota Tundra enthusiasts will be relieved that Toyota has brought the Tundra to the modern era with the premium materials used throughout the cabin (particularly in higher trims), in-cabin space, wireless functionality and the advanced infotainment system.

Final Thoughts

A final thought to wrap everything up? Wow. Just wow.

The new Tundra interior (not to mention the whole truck) is a serious game-changer, and if Toyota continues to apply this kind of pressure on the market, they are going to continue to dominate the full-size truck segment. We cannot wait to get our hands on a 3rd Gen and are beyond stoked with the updates made to the inside. So much more to come!

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