OEM Console Safe – Install & Review for the 2nd Gen Tundra

Tundra Center Console Safe Install & Review

Why You Need A Console Safe in Your Tundra and How To Install One – Everything You Need to Know About the OEM Console Safe

One of the most practical mods I’ve added to my Tundra was my OEM Center Console Safe. The very first thing I noticed when I got behind the wheel of a 2nd Generation Tundra was the MASSIVE center console. In fact, I fell in love with it!

Then, I remember opening it and feeling as if it was missing something. Cue, the console safe! I happened to purchase mine on eBay in an auction for only $90 and have seen multiple sell in that price range. So before running to your local dealer or favorite OEM website, do some shopping on eBay and Amazon first!

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Why Install a Center Console Safe?

Tundra Center OEM Console Safe

The OEM Console Safe was the one I chose over some of the bigger safes because of its size. I like that the safe is big enough to store cash, guns, wallets, watches, and more all at once. What makes it even better is, you still have the drivers side of the console open for snacks and other center console items. You also still have access to the 12v cigarette lighter in the center console and the tray up top is notched for cords to pass through. 

This was very appealing and set it apart from the competition. However, if what you want is a massive safe big enough to hold anything and everything, there are other options out there for you!

Storage Galore!

Tundra Center Console Safe Gear Inside

Before I proposed to my fiancé, I managed to stuff a few wads of cash (we were traveling) a Glock 19x with appendix holster and extra mag, her engagement ring, my wallet and watch, and a package of Sour Patch Kids while still having room on top.

Next to the safe, you still have half the console which is where we stored water, snacks, chapstick, etc. underneath the convenient tray that it comes with. The organization and safety features of this safe are top notch. 

Alternative Option

lock'er down console safe for 2014-2021 tundra

The biggest pro to me for the OEM safe is the 50/50 split between the unlocked center console and the locked side. I love having the space to store my guns, money, devices, etc. as much as I love having a catch-all for random items, and of course, snacks.

If all you’re after is the biggest lockable box to drop in your center console, you may want to check out the Lock’er down safe.

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  • Lock’er Down Console Safe with 4 Digit Combo – Check Price

Installing the OEM Center Console Safe

Tundra Center Console Safe Installation

The installation is really straightforward and as easy as removing a few bolts, dropping the safe in, and reinstalling the new longer-supplied bolts and washers. Before we install the safe though, you need to set your lock combination.

Setting the lock combination is simple if you follow the instructions, but make 100% sure you have the combo set to what you want before setting it; the mistake I made was making an error in the code and trying to reset it… that was difficult. After your combo is set where you want it, you’re ready to get to the fun stuff!

Tools Needed:

  • 3/8″ drive 10mm deep well socket
  • 3/8″ drive impact 
  • 3/8″ extension (the longer the better)
  • Flashlight

Step 1. Remove Center Console Bolts

Tundra Center Console Safe OEM Bolts

Start by removing the four 10mm bolts at the bottom of the console. These can be set aside in a spare bolt jar or bag somewhere in your garage as we will not be reusing them when we install the safe. Once these bolts are removed, you are ready to drop your safe into your console!

Step 2. Drop the Safe Into Place and Avoid the Hinge

Tundra Center Console Safe - Install & Review

The part you will get hung up on while trying to drop the safe into the console is on the back hinge. if you do not have an extra set of hands to help you, hold the safe and with the other hand, wiggle and push (gently, but firmly) and the safe will slowly drop into the console.

If you do have an extra set of hands to push the lid back, the safe should very quickly fall into place. Remember what we are working with is mostly plastic, so emphasis on gentle but firm pressure, the last thing you want to do is snap a hinge and send your lid flying to the back seat. 

Step 3. Line up the Safe

Tundra Center Console Safe - Install & Review

This is where the flashlight comes into play! Once you get your safe dropped in you’ll want to make sure your bolt holes are lined up perfectly at all 4 spots. Once you have confirmed your bolt holes are all lined up you are ready to move on to step 4!

Step 4. Install the Safe Hardware

Tundra Center Console Safe Extended Hardware

Once the holes are lined up, you’re ready to place your bolts in to lock the safe into the console. Be sure to start by placing a washer on each of the four (4) bolts.

Drop your bolts into the factory holes and impact them tight in a star pattern. The two (2) short bolts will be in the front of the safe and the two (2) longer bolts will go into the back towards the rear of the vehicle.

Step 5. Install Foam Pads

Tundra Center Console Safe Foam Pads

Once your bolts and washers are secure, your safe is installed! Drop the foam panels over the top of the bolts and washers and this install is a wrap.

The foam inserts are very important to help keep out any unwanted noise from things rattling around on the inside of the safe. Secondly, they cover the bolt heads and make sure a clean finish. So, do not overlook or throw out the foam pads or the safe key, both of which can be easily overlooked!

Final Thoughts

Tundra Center Console Safe Loaded

With so much space to take advantage of, having a locking safe and a ton of storage just makes sense. Every vehicle before my Tundra left something to be desired in the center console, so much so that the Tundra was slightly overwhelming with the amount of interior space it had. Being that this product is OEM, the fit and finish is A+ and what you would expect from a genuine OEM Toyota part.

Amazon has different storage solutions, but I think that the best bang for your buck is a console safe. For me, it has helped immensely to keep things organized and neat, while also protected!

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1 year ago

Where did you get the storage organizer tray that fits next to the safe?

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