9 Rock Slider Setups For 2nd Gen Tundra

Custom Camouflage Wrap On 2nd Gen Tundra With CBI Front Bumper & Prinsu Roof Rack

We Asked Nine 2nd Gen Tundra Owners What Rock Sliders They Are Running & What They Liked About Them – Here’s What They Said!

This Week’s Topic: 2nd Gen Tundra Rock Sliders

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Tundra Thursday. If you missed our previous feature post, we looked at wheel and tire combos for the 3rd Gen Tundra.

This week, we take a look at several rock slider options available for the 2nd Gen Toyota Tundra. Keep in mind, there are many more brands for the 2nd Gen outside of this week’s features. We will have some rock slider guides available soon for you all, so keep checking back here at Trail Tundra!

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Top Brands Featured

Why Add Rock Sliders To Your Tundra?

Why Add Rock Sliders To Your 2nd Gen Toyota Tundra

Rock sliders are often a 2-for-1 deal when it comes to added functionality on your rig.

The first perk is that rock sliders help to protect the lower portion of your Tundra’s cabin. This section under the doors is called the rocker panel. Rock sliders help keep this area dent and crumple free from rocks and other obstacles out on the trail. Rock sliders effectively allow your truck to “slide” over a rock or tree limb that could potentially damage your Tundra.

Another form of protection that rock sliders can offer is a “kick-out” toward the rear end of the slider. A kick-out protects the truck when you get super close to obstacles. This feature will essentially “kick” the Tundra out of the way and save your rear panels from damage.

Rock sliders can also help protect your truck from potential door dings while mall crawling. Most zero-degree (flat) sliders will stick out far enough to keep your doors safe from compact cars.

The second function of rock sliders is that they can act as a step to get in and out of your Tundra. This also allows you to easily reach items on your roof rack. Zero-degree sliders make for better steps than angled sliders as they have a larger surface area to step on. These sliders are also usually paired with a top plate making them a ruggedized running board that can support the weight of your truck.

Now, let’s see what brand the owners below chose to protect their trucks!

Enjoy everyone!

1. Frixton Abata (@frxtn.tndra) – Outgear Solutions

Lifted 2nd Gen Tundra With C4 Hybrid Front Bumper & Outgear Solutions Rock Sliders

Slider Details: 

  • Model: 0° Bolt-On/ Black Satin Powder Coat
  • Price: $900/pair

What do you like about your setup?

These are hands down the best sliders in the industry! Joe from Outgear Solutions in the Santa Ana, CA area is the best in the business. I’ve trusted him with all my armor on my previous 4Runner build and now with my sliders on the Tundra.

Not only do they protect my rocker panels off-road, but these sliders double as a very functional step. This is especially helpful due to the height of my Tundra. If you want a set, hit up Joe and he will hook you up.

2. R. Esquivel (@dron_trdpro) – Cali Raised LED

White 2nd Gen Tundra With C4 Hybrid Front Bumper & Cali Raised LED Rock Sliders

Slider Details: 

  • Model: Trail Edition
  • Price: $1020/pair

What do you like about your setup?

These sliders from Cali Raised LED are extremely well-built. I really like how they mount close to the body compared to others on the market. I also like the clean design and the positioning of the kick-out.

The sliders make is it easier to reach my boxes and Waterport on my Prinsu rack. Also, the kick-out aids in stepping up on my bed to access my RTT. Although they mount close to the body, these sliders still provide the ultimate protection for your rig. They have saved me numerous times on the trail already.

Lastly, they work perfectly as a step for your family.

3. Kahley Dozier (@red_devil_tundra) – Tyger Auto

Red 2nd Gen Tundra With Tyger Auto Star Armor Running Boards/Step/Rock Sliders

Slider Details: 

  • Model: Star Armor Running Boards/Steps
  • Price: $500/pair

What do you like about your setup?

I love the look of these sliders and the durability they provide. The black coating fits well with my bumpers to help me maintain that red-and-black look. These sliders also have the Tyger and Star sign that pops up under the truck when the sun hits right in a shadow.

They have already saved my truck a few times from scraping while out on the trails.

4. David Nguyen (@_daddydk) – LC Series Fab

PreRunner Build 2nd Gen Tundra With LC Series Fab Custom Rock Sliders & Machined Summit Wheels

Slider Details: 

  • Model: Custom Made (Bolt-On, Full Length w/ Kick-Out, Angle, & Top Plate)
  • Price: Varies

What do you like about your setup?

The LCS sliders really can take the abuse. We opted for an angled slider to increase clearance and run them as high up on the truck as possible to compensate for the longer wheelbase.

They were built with a larger kick-out to help with accessing the bed. The larger kick-out helps to pivot the truck on the trail where a full-size rig can’t get set up on a line as easily as the mid-sized rigs.

These sliders are incredibly strong and designed with more aggressive wheeling in mind.

5. Joe Umali (@hellatundra.norcal) – Cali Raised LED

White 2nd Gen Tundra w/ Trail Edition Cali Raised LED Rock Sliders

Slider Details: 

  • Model: Trail Edition
  • Price: $1020/pair

What do you like about your setup?

I really enjoy how solid of a product my Cali Raised LED rock sliders are. They are made from quality DOM tubing material which gives me peace of mind when rock crawling. I know that my sliders will perform how they are intended to.

I know that I can rely on them especially if I’m in a pinch to get me out of tight angles. These sliders give my truck a rugged, more badass look as well.

Overall, I love my Cali Raised LED rock sliders. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to add sliders to their truck.

6. Joey (@gzilla_v8) – MB Custom Fabrication

2nd Gen Tundra With MB Custom Fabrication Rock Sliders

Slider Details: 

  • Model: Bolt-On
  • Price: $1400/pair

What do you like about your setup?

My rock sliders provide protection between my vehicle and obstacles when I off-road. They help reduce the chances that I damage my vehicle when I am out on the trail. I can also use them as a sidestep to get in and out of the truck easier. These sliders are well-built along without being too bulky; I would say they are simple but classy.

7. Erick Robles (@earlobes) – Relations Race Wheels

White Lifted 2nd Gen Tundra with Relations Race Wheels V3 Rock Sliders

Slider Details: 

  • Model: V3 Sliders w/ Kick Out & Top Plate
  • Price: $1100/pair

What do you like about your setup?

I really like these sliders and the look they give my truck. They are sitting at about a 10-degree angle and I think that is about perfect for a slider/step option to achieve the best of both worlds. They are very stout and have been very strong whenever I hit them up against rocks. These sliders also have a super sleek look with their black powder coat finish.

Lastly, the kick-out on these sliders is a tad larger than most I see on the market, which I actually really like. These sliders are unfortunately discontinued now, so you are no longer able to purchase them.

8. Sam Bischof (@sir_beardface) – CBI

2nd Gen Tundra w/ Factory Bolt-On CBI Rock Sliders

Slider Details: 

  • Model: Factory Bolt-On
  • Price: $1320/pair

What do you like about your setup?

First and foremost, the function or protection is obviously key with sliders, but I love that they serve a precise purpose and still look good. I also love the simple installation of bolting directly onto the frame, with no modifications needed.

These rock sliders also double as steps which my vertically challenged wife very much appreciates. CBI Off-Road is a great company with some amazing products.

9. Jeff Paull (@pkdiver) – Cali Raised LED

Lifted Black 2nd Gen Tundra w/ Baja Designs Hidden Light Bar & Cali Raised LED Rock Sliders

Slider Details: 

  • Model: Trail Edition
  • Price: $1020/pair

What do you like about your setup?

These Cali Raised LED rock sliders feature 2” DOM tubing with a .120″ wall thickness. They’re 100% bolt-on, which made the installation process super easy. Lastly, I like how good these sliders look while also acting as a sidestep to get in and out of my Tundra.

Final Thoughts

Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack On Lifted Cement Grey 2nd Gen (2014-2021) Tundra Crew Cab

I think that rock sliders are the number one protective piece of armor (aside from skid plates) that one should purchase for their rig. That’s especially true if you plan on doing moderate to difficult off-roading; in a full-sized truck to boot.

I feel that having kick outs are a must to protect your truck’s rear quarter panels when trying to squeeze down tight trails. The fact that sliders can also act as a running board makes them a no-brainer, especially if your rig is lifted.

Thanks for reading guys. I’ll see you next week!

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