How To Remove Front Bumper On 3rd Gen Tundra – Step-By-Step Guide

How To Remove 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra Front Bumper

A Detailed Guide On Quickly & Correctly Removing The OEM Front Bumper On Your 3rd Gen (2022+) Toyota Tundra

Are you trying to figure out how to remove the front bumper of your 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra? Well, you came to the right place! There are several reasons why you may want to remove the front bumper of your truck. That can include adding a winch, hidden light bars, or even an upgraded aftermarket front bumper.

Whatever your reason is, below you will find a simple step-by-step guide to assist you in removing your front bumper.

Let’s get into it. YouTube video at the end of this post.

Required Tools

  • Ratchet
  • 10mm Socket
  • Flat Head Screwdriver or Plastic Pry Tool

Step 1. Open Hood

How To Remove 3rd Gen Tundra Front Bumper

Open the hood to gain access to all the bolts/harnesses we are going to need to remove inside the engine bay.

Step 2. Remove Top (4) 10mm Bolts

3rd Gen Toyota Tundra Grille Removal

With the hood open, locate these four 10mm bolts indicated by the white arrows and remove them.

Step 3. Unplug Electrical Harness

3rd Gen Tundra Front Bumper Wire Harness Disconnect

Toyota made it super simple to unplug all the electrical components from this grille. There are four simple connectors on each side of the Tundra behind the headlights.

Use a plastic pry tool or a flathead screwdriver to unplug these connectors on both the driver and passenger sides, indicated by the white arrows. The passenger side is pictured above.

3rd Gen Tundra Front Bumper Wire Harness

Repeat separating the harness and removing the plastic tab with a pry tool on the driver’s side.

Step 4. Remove (4) Hidden 10mm Grille Bolts

3rd Gen Toyota Tundra Hidden Grille Support Bolts

Standing directly in front of your Tundra grille, look down past the hood release lever to locate these two grille core supports. You will have to remove all four of these 10mm bolts (two on each support).

They are a little tricky to do, I suggest not having an extension on your ratchet when loosening these as space is tight. You can either reach down from the top of your truck or remove these from the bottom.

Step 5. Remove (4) 10mm Bottom Bolts

3rd Gen Toyota Tundra Front Bumper Bolts For Removal

From underneath your truck, you will notice four more 10mm bolts. Remove this 10mm bolt on the passenger side.

Removing Toyota Tundra Front Bumper

Then, remove this one on the driver’s side.

Removing OEM Toyota Tundra Front Bumper

Finally, remove these two in the middle of your bumper.

Step 6. Remove Fender 10mm Bolts

3rd Gen Tundra Fender Liner Bolts

Depending on the size of your tires, you may have to turn them to gain access to these four bolts. Remove the four 10mm bolts indicated by the arrows.

3rd Gen Tundra Bumper Replacement

Follow down the fender well and remove the two additional 10mm bolts at the bottom of the bumper.

Step 7. Remove Fender Flares

Fender Flare Removal Guide For Tundra

Starting at the bottom of the black plastic piece on your fender trim, place your fingers between it and your bumper.

Pull the fender trim straight back toward yourself to disengage the plastic tabs and separate it from the front bumper.

Removing 3rd Gen Tundra Fender Trim

Once you have separated the fender trim, go ahead and pull the plastic portion of your bumper away from your metal fender. Pull this straight back toward yourself.

Step 8. Remove Bumper Cover

3rd Gen Tundra Front Bumper Cover Removal Process

Double-check that you removed all necessary bolts from your bumper before yanking it away.

From the center of the grille, lift the bumper up and out toward you away from the truck. Your bumper should come right off in one full piece.

Final Thoughts

Step-By-Step 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra Front Bumper Removal Guide

With your bumper off, you can now do whatever modification you have planned for the front end of your truck. Fortunately, Toyota hasn’t made the 3rd Gen Tundra’s front bumper too difficult to remove despite it being more complex than the previous generation. If you have a TRD Pro with an integrated light bar, you may have an extra wire or two to disconnect. Overall, the process is pretty straightforward.

If this tutorial was helpful, definitely leave us a comment and let us know! Or, leave us a comment on what else we can improve on to make this guide easier. Thanks!

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10 months ago

how to unplug the premium block heater plug from the bumper for those of us who have it?

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