5 Example Bed Rack Setups For 3rd Gen Tundra

Super White 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra With Cab Height Bed Rack & Maxtrax

We Asked 6 3rd Gen Tundra Owners What Aftermarket Bed Rack They Are Running & What They Like About Their Setup – Here’s What They Said!

This Week’s Topic: 3rd Gen Tundra Bed Rack Setups

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Tundra Feature. If you missed our previous feature post, we looked at suspension setups for the 2nd Gen Tundra.

This week, we take a look at some aftermarket bed rack options for the 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra.

Many bed racks from the 2nd Gen Tundras will fit the new 3rd Gen. However, I would definitely verify with whichever brand you are considering purchasing from first.

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Why Add A Bed Rack To Your Tundra?

UpTop Overland Full Height Bed Rack For 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra - Why Add A Bed Rack To Your Truck?

If you are considering a bed rack for your Tundra, odds are that you’re planning to turn your truck into an overland adventure rig. To do that, you likely need some additional storage space.

Bed racks with cross bars are a great option for those looking for an easy way to mount additional off-road accessories or even a rooftop tent to their Tundra.

The main drawback to these racks is the loss of bed height for hauling larger items. While there are various bed rack heights to help mitigate this, at the end of the day, you are sacrificing bed utility for quick-access storage. It’s definitely a big trade-off to consider.

The durability and utility of a given bed rack will largely depend on its quality and design. It can potentially put uneven or even damaging pressure on the bed of your truck. The bed of the new 3rd Gen Tundra is a composite bed with aluminum reinforced material. So, loading the bedsides could be an issue if you are really adding a bunch of weight onto the bed rails.

Fortunately, that can be remedied with bed stiffeners, which more and more companies are making for the new 3rd Gen Tundra.

1. Stefan Deliivanov (@ghostthetundra) – TRUKD

TRUKD V2 Bed Rack for 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra

Bed Rack Details

  • Model: V2 Bed Rack
  • Price: $1500

Why Did You Add A Bed Rack To Your Tundra?

These bed racks have T-slotted rails and can mount anything to them. I am able to mount bike racks, a rooftop tent, fire extinguishers, shovels, axes, and more. The rack provides amazing flexibility. The 24-inch option can clear the rooftop shark antenna and is also above the rearview camera so as to not obstruct its view.

2. Jody Shelton (@3gentundra) – upTOP Overland

upTOP Overland Bed Rack For 3rd Gen Tundra With 23Zero RTT & Awning

Bed Rack Details

  • Model: Truss AFS Adaptive Full Size Truck Bed Rack | Full Height
  • Price: $1100

Why Did You Add A Bed Rack To Your Tundra?

This bed rack by upTOP Overland allows me to put my RTT on something strong and stable. It also allows me to put additional accessories on my truck and helps keep items secure in the bed as well! I like how it allows for multiple attachment points for various items I would want to add to it.

3. Dan Smith (@thelunartik) – Leitner Designs

Leitner Designs ACS Forged Bed Rack On Lifted Lunar Rock 3rd Gen Tundra With CVT Hard Shell RTT

Bed Rack Details

  • Model: ACS Forged Bed Rack
  • Price: $1950

Why Did You Add A Bed Rack To Your Tundra?

I added this bed rack because dry and enclosed storage is critical on a build. Therefore, having the ability to mount things you don’t need to store away frees up space for those items that do. This rack makes your build much more modular. Being able to have tents, showers, awnings, and water supply systems on your truck is awesome. The rack makes everything you need easily accessible.

I have a lot of accessories mounted to my bed rack. That includes:

  • HD awning mounts
  • Standard awning mounts
  • Extra load bar
  • Tent mounts
  • Light mounts
  • Universal mounting panel with RotopaX mount
  • Power tank propane mount
  • Dual GearPod
  • Gearpod XL w/ MaxTrax mounts and GearBags
  • Hydropod
  • Flag pole mounts
  • Tie downs
  • Wirelok
  • Rebel Offroad camping table mount

4. Kalen Marshall (@22_lunar) – Billie Bars

8" Height Brackets w/ Mid Height Molle Panels Billie Bars Bed Rack For 3rd Gen Tundra

Bed Rack Details

  • Model: 8″ Height Brackets w/ Mid Height MOLLE Panels
  • Price: Bed Rack – $585 | MOLLE Panel – $240/ea

Why Did You Add A Bed Rack To Your Tundra?

I picked the Billie Bars Bed Rack because of its compatibility with tonneau covers and ability to double as added storage with the MOLLE panels. I also enjoy the low profile stance below the roof line for a more sleek look. The bed rack was very simple to install and the MOLLE panels were incredibly easy to add!

For people that are bike or even off-road enthusiasts, there are multiple mounting solutions to help you get you and your gear where you’re going. Lastly, their customer service is top-notch!

5. Matt Berfield (@mathias_built) – Avid Off-Road

Avid Off-Road Tundra Bed Bar System With Spare Tire Carrier & Pro Eagle Jack Attached

Bed Rack Details

  • Model: Tundra Bed Bar System
  • Price: $700

Why Did You Add A Bed Rack To Your Tundra?

It truly depends on what you use your vehicle for. Whether it’s work, camping, off-road, overlanding, or just hauling extra stuff in your bed, a bed rack will help you keep that stuff organized and off of the bed floor. That allows for bed access for other items. A big plus for me was to be able to carry a full-size spare since a 37″ tire will no longer fit in the factory location

Avid Off-Road is awesome about customizing the bed to suit your needs. This bed rack setup comprises their Tundra bars, bed basket, and hi-lift brackets (which I customized to mount a Pro Eagle jack instead).

With its various mounting points, I was also able to mount an axe, shovel, Waterport, two rear-facing pods, and fire extinguisher. I also had them customize the basket to make it large enough to fit a 37″ tire.

6. Andy D. (@enjoytheridedude) – upTOP Overland

UpTop Overland Truss AFS Adaptive Full Size Truck Bed Rack Full Height w/ Alpha eX Cap Rack With iKamper RTT On White 3rd Gen Tundra

Bed Rack Details

  • Model: Truss AFS Adaptive Full Size Truck Bed Rack | Full Height w/ Alpha eX Cap Rack
  • Price: Bed Rack – $1300/ Alpha eX Cap – $1050

Why Did You Add A Bed Rack To Your Tundra?

My wife said that one condition for me modifying the truck was that it could still be used to haul things such as furniture. This bed rack also allows me to later adapt it to the Retrax bed cover system.

There is also a dedicated Retrax-only compatible model,  however, that wasn’t in the budget just yet. So, this rack was a compromise. upTOP makes custom order mounts that can adapt the Truss rack to fit with a Retrax bed cover. This way, I always have the versatility to change configurations based on my needs.

I also wanted a bed rack so I could mount things such as RotapaX for fuel and recovery gear. The last reason was weight, it was only 55 pounds and made from aluminum.

Final Thoughts

3rd Gen Tundra With Diamondback Hard Shell Tonneau Cover & Bed Rack

What a great group of 3rd Gen Tundras for the Tundra Feature post. I really enjoy the functionality of bed racks and the versatility they provide. For my next Tundra, I will have a 6.5′ bed that will be utilized for various real-estate adventures; so a bed rack won’t work for me unfortunately. However, if I ever stop needing the truck for that, you best believe I will look into adding a bed rack to my Tundra!

Do you run a bed rack on your Tundra? If so what brand? Let us know in the comments.

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