8 Example Front Bumper Setups For 2nd Gen Tundra

Lifted White 2nd Gen Tundra with C4 Overland Plate Front Bumper & Method Wheels

We Asked 8 2nd Gen Tundra Owners What Aftermarket Front Bumper They Are Running & What They Like About Their Setup – Here’s What They Said!

This Week’s Topic: 2nd Gen Tundra Front Bumpers

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Tundra Feature. If you missed our previous feature post, we looked at some bed rack setups for the 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra.

This week, we look at some aftermarket front bumper options for the 2nd Gen Toyota Tundra.

We asked owners what brand they chose for their front bumper and also why they decided to add one to their trucks.

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Why Add An Aftermarket Front Bumper To Your Tundra?

Lifted Cement Grey 2nd Gen Tundra with Hybrid Tube Bumper From Ironman 4x4 & LED Lights

Changing out the factory plastic front bumper of your 2nd Gen Toyota Tundra grants you several benefits aside from looks.

The first and most obvious benefit is upgraded protection for the front end of your truck. For those who really off-road their Tundra, having a bit more protection always offers a piece of mind. Many owners learn the hard way and have to get an aftermarket bumper as a result of trail damage to their factory one. The stock plastic bumper just doesn’t cut it on those gnarly trails, especially for a full-sized truck. Some people run them to protect from animal impacts in rural areas.

You also gain ground clearance and approach angles depending on the bumper design. This helps a ton with avoiding obstacles.

The next reason many choose an aftermarket front bumper is to clear larger tires. The most popular tire size for these full-size Tundras is 35″, at a minimum. Toyota never intended for the Tundra to run such a big tire, even if we don’t agree with that. Adding a full-width aftermarket front bumper cuts away a lot of extra plastic and metal that would otherwise hinder running a larger tire.

The final benefit is the ability to add accessories to the front end of your Tundra easily. Adding a front bumper allows you to mount a winch, lights, and proper recovery points where the OEM bumper may have limited you.

Below you will find eight 2nd Gen Tundras rocking a variety of bumpers with regard to brand, price, and function. We also asked each owner what they liked about their setup to give you a more in-depth look.

Be sure to check out their Instagram pages as well if you have more questions about their builds or mods!

1. Emmanuel Hui (@21tundy) – CBI

Green 2nd Gen Tundra with CBI Baja Hybrid Front Bumper

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: Baja Hybrid
  • Price: $1550+

Why Did You Add An Aftermarket Front Bumper To Your Tundra?

I added this front bumper to my Tundra because it has plenty of mounting points for lights and a winch. I liked the tubular design and easy bolt-on installation. This bumper is also both light and strong.

2. Lorendo Gumaru (@lunarock_trdpro) – CBI

Gray 2nd Gen Tundra with Dakar Hybrid CBI Front Bumper & Prinsu Roof Rack

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: Dakar Hybrid
  • Price: $1725+

Why Did You Add An Aftermarket Front Bumper To Your Tundra?

Here are the deciding factors on why I think an after-market bumper is a must; approach angle, the ability to clear oversize tires, the ability to run a winch, and of course, the cool factor! This bumper accomplishes all of the above.

3. Jonathan Newton (@jonnys_tundra) – C4 Fabrication

Overland Series C4 Bumper For 2nd Gen Tundra

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: Overland Series
  • Price: $1800

Why Did You Add An Aftermarket Front Bumper To Your Tundra?

I added the C4 Fabrication Overland front bumper for a couple of reasons. The first was that I needed a winch mount, which this bumper offers. Second, I wanted added protection and ground clearance. Lastly, lighting; I needed room to mount more lights! With a cutout for a 30″ light bar and fog lights, I stuffed this bumper with a Baja Designs S8 30″ light bar and Squadron SAE fog lights.

4. Hunna Mills (@hunnamillion) – Barricade

White Lifted 2nd Gen Tundra with Barricade HD2 Front Bumper

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: Barricade HD2
  • Price: $950

Why Did You Add An Aftermarket Front Bumper To Your Tundra?

I added a front bumper for style and added tire clearance. When I lifted my truck and put 35s on it, I was rubbing on the stock bumper and it got very annoying. I had been wanting a bumper for a while and that accelerated the decision. I’m still in the process of upgrading my truck.

5. Catherine Pugh (@starcitytundra) – Hooke Road

Lifted White 2nd Gen Tundra with Hooke Road Front Bumper

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: Hooke Road Front Bumper
  • Price: $600

Why Did You Add An Aftermarket Front Bumper To Your Tundra?

At first, the main reason for the off-road bumper was for looks and to add another light bar to the truck. I found this bumper and it was the right fit for my build.

Ultimately, it ended up making it easier to fit a bigger tire. Overall, this bumper checked off every box for its looks, ability to add lights, and added clearance while also being a solid quality product.

6. Amelio Martini (@mityota_tundra) – Pelfreybilt

2nd Gen Tundra with Pelfreybilt Front Bumper

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: Hybrid
  • Price: Out Of Business

Why Did You Add An Aftermarket Front Bumper To Your Tundra?

This Pelfreybilt front bumper is one of few, which makes it either garbage or great. In my opinion, this has been an incredibly well-built bumper. I’ve put this bumper to the test and it’s held up every time!

I got this bumper so I could add loads of accessories to it. I added a Smittybilt X20 Gen2 10k winch with a Factor55 Ultrahook. An anytime front camera is controlled from the switch controller. I also have a Baja Designs S8 30” light bar with outside amber lenses and a center clear lens. For fogs, I run a set of Baja Designs Squadron Sport ambers.

7. Emilio Nieves Jr (@lafivsev) – Smittybilt

2nd Gen Tundra with Smittybilt M1 Front Bumper

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: M1 Front Truck Bumper
  • Price: $1115

Why Did You Add An Aftermarket Front Bumper To Your Tundra?

I added this bumper on my 2008 Toyota Tundra so I can have a badass and mean-looking front end. I wanted to build a different kind of truck and haven’t seen many other Tundras of my generation rocking this bumper. This bumper was chosen for its uniqueness and to give my ride a badass look! I had a vision for this truck and this bumper made that possible!

8. Ryan Maestro (@redtun.adventures) – Rough Country

Red Lifted 2nd Gen Tundra with Rough Country DIY High Clearance Bumper & Yokohama M/T Tires

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: DIY High Clearance Bumper
  • Price: $400 (discontinued)

Why Did You Add An Aftermarket Front Bumper To Your Tundra?

I added this front bumper to better clear my 37″ tires. I also got it for aesthetics and added a bull bar to look even more aggressive. Since I’ve installed it, the bumper has been discontinued, unfortunately. However, that makes it very unique!

Final Thoughts

Lifted MGM 2nd Gen Tundra with C4 Front Bumper & King Shocks & Fiberglass Fenders

What a great group of 2nd Gen Tundras to showcase some full aftermarket front bumper options. Are you rocking a bumper on your Tundra or currently in the market for one? Let us know down below in the comments!

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