7 Ditch Light Setups For 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra

White 3rd Gen Tundra With Rigid Industries 360 4" Pod Ditch Lights

We Asked Seven 3rd Gen (2022+) Toyota Tundra Owners Which Ditch Lights They Are Running On Their Trucks & Why – Here’s What They Said!

This Week’s Topic: Ditch Lights

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Tundra Feature. If you missed our previous feature post, we looked at oversized tire setups for the Tundra with larger and more aggressive off-road tires.

This week, we asked owners which brand they chose to go with for their ditch lights.

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Why Add Ditch Lights To Your Tundra?

FCK Lightbat Ditch Lights For 3rd Gen Tundra

If you are looking to add any sort of auxiliary lighting to your 3rd Gen Tundra, ditch lights are one of the best lighting upgrades you can choose to add to your Toyota Tundra.

I believe they are even more useful than a hidden light bar or upgraded LED aftermarket fog lights. The reason is rather simple, lights aimed forward will only light up what’s in front of you. These Tundras are WIDE, and you need some light to the side of your rig to stay safe on dark trails or roads.

When properly aimed, ditch lights allow you to see clearly out to the sides of your rig at night. Their coverage area is far greater (to the sides) than that of a wide fog light or a combo beam light bar because they can physically be aimed toward the sides.

Most ditch lights are easily accessible since they sit toward the top of your hood. This allows you to have the ability to adjust the lights if needed for different desired lighting scenarios. So if you just need some additional amber light upfront, simply adjust them forward. If you find yourself on some super tight technical terrain with hazards on either side of you, maybe angle them out and down to assist you in seeing your Tundra’s sidelines to help navigate you through whatever obstacle with ease.

Now let’s get into these rigs and see why each owner decided to add ditch lights to their Tundras.

1. Derek (@tundratrd22) – Baja Designs

3rd Gen Tundra With Baja Designs LP4 A-Pillar Ditch Light Kit

Ditch Light Details

  • Model: LP4 A-Pillar Kit
  • Price: $1170/pair

Why Did You Add Ditch Lights To Your Tundra?

I added ditch lights to my 3rd Gen Tundra to ensure when I’m out on those trails or in the middle of nowhere – the darkness won’t stop the adventures.

2. Jordan Montera (@montera.built) – Diode Dynamics

Army Green 3rd Gen Tundra With Diode Dynamics SSC2 Pro Ditch Lights

Ditch Light Details

  • Model: SSC2 Pro
  • Price: $360/pair

Why Did You Add Ditch Lights To Your Tundra?

I’m running the Diode Dynamics SSC2 Pros paired with the low-profile M&R Auto ditch light brackets. I added ditch lights for increased side illumination. It helps illuminate the sides of the road that you normally can’t see well with just your headlights on and can be very beneficial in storms with decreased visibility.

3. Vitek Kozlowski (@koz_22tundra) – Rigid Industries

Ditch Light Options/Setups For 3rd Gen Tundra

Ditch Light Details

  • Model: 360 4″ Pods
  • Price: $411/pair

Why Did You Add Ditch Lights To Your Tundra?

It’s a simple answer, the reason I installed these on my Tundra was to add visibility while on the trail. Adding more lights to expand the visibility past the front corner of the vehicle is a no-brainer. They aid on the trail or in adverse conditions. Sometimes you just need more illumination and they are there for that reason. I did a custom dual setup, frankly to be different, and realize my vision of my build.

4. Stefan Deliivanov (@ghostthetundra) – FCKLightBars

Side Liner Pods FCKLightbars Ditch Lights For 3rd Gen Tundra

Ditch Light Details

  • Model: Side Liner Pods
  • Price: $185/pair

Why Did You Add Ditch Lights To Your Tundra?

FCKlightbars is a build sponsor of mine, but the ditch lights do perform nicely. On dark twisty roads, they illuminate everything above the headlight beam limit. Additionally, because they have side reflective LEDs, it also lights up the side of the road in addition to the front so I am much more confident that nothing will pop out onto the road. Additionally, they are square-shaped and relatively small so they are clean looking and match the design language of the 2023 Tundra.

5. Joseph Rodriguez (@Jrod.tda) – Diode Dynamics

Diode Dynamics SS2 Pro Ditch Lights On Lifted Black 3rd Gen Tundra

Ditch Light Details

  • Model: SS2 Pro
  • Price: $360/pair

Why Did You Add Ditch Lights To Your Tundra?

I added ditch lights to the truck because it was needed. I live in Tennessee and there are a lot of back roads that have zero street lights. So it was perfect for that and also cosmetic-wise, I think they look really good on my Tundra.

6. Andy (@enjoytheridedude) – Rigid Industries + Diode Dynamics

3rd Gen Tundra With Rigid Adapt XP Ditch Lights

Ditch Light Details

  • Model: Rigid Adapt XP / Stage Series 12″
  • Price: $750/pair & $400/pair

Why Did You Add Ditch Lights To Your Tundra?

Ditch lights help light up the sides of the trail at night and this helps avoid damage to the vehicle from protruding rocks or branches which is especially crucial in such a wide rig. I chose the Rigid Adapt lights because they help conserve battery and they will make sure the light is concentrated or spread out based on my rate of speed. I added the stage series lights pointed up and to the side to light up branches above the rig. I find this especially helpful in trails with lots of overhead branches.

7. TJ Grant (@boba_fetts_tundra) – Baja Designs

3rd Gen Tundra With Baja Designs XL Sport Ditch Lights

Ditch Light Details

  • Model: XL Sport
  • Price: $389/pair

Why Did You Add Ditch Lights To Your Tundra?

I am constantly off-road for work and play. I require to be able to see what is in front of me and to my sides. If things go wrong, it is more often than not, in low light/no light conditions. Also, these ditch lights come in handy if someone cuts me off in traffic.

Final Thoughts

3rd Gen Tundra with Diode Dynamics Stage Series 12" lights

Man, these 3rd Gen Tundras really look great, don’t they? I was never able to add ditch lights to my SR5 TRD Off-Road before I sold it. I recently purchased a Platinum and I was on the fence about ditch lights, until I was looking over the rigs in this article. They definitely helped to chang my mind and now I look forward to adding some ditch lights to my new Tundra.

Do you have ditch lights on your Tundra? If so, which brand did you go with? Let us know!

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11 months ago

It would be great if the author also asked why they selected the brand and model the selected. Looks, functionality, quality,?

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