TRD High Flow Air Filter For 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra

Oiled TRD Air Filter Replacement For 3rd Gen Tundra

Step-By-Step Installation Guide & Review For The TRD High Flow Air Filter Upgrade For 3rd Gen (2022+) Tundra With Twin Turbo i-Force V6

So, you got yourself a new 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra with the twin-turbo i-Force V6 engine, congrats! But, you still want that engine to sound a little throatier and improve air flow, right? Well, there are two ways to achieve that; with one being much easier than the other.

Let’s start with the difficult way first, which would be to replace your OEM intake system with a full aftermarket cold air intake. There are several companies that currently make kits for the 3rd Gen Tundra. This route could take upwards of two hours to complete installation. You’ll likely get a little added performance, along with a better sound. However, the trade-off is in time and money as some kits can cost upwards of $500.

So then, what is the most cost and time-effective way to get your engine breathing better? That would be an OEM TRD high-flow drop-in air filter. This route will typically take you less than 10 minutes to install and will run you less than $150.

Now we are talking! So, needless to say, that’s the route that I chose to go with my 3rd Gen Tundra.

Let’s get into a little more detail on the installation process.

Find It Online

  • TRD High Flow Air Filter – P/N: PTR03-34220 (You Will Need Two): Check Price

Product Overview

TRD High Flow Air Filter For 3rd Gen Tundra

Toyota states that the TRD air filter offers superb filtration and enhanced airflow for optimal engine protection and performance. The four-ply construction of the TRD air filter element features a durable, epoxy-coated mesh enclosure and elastomeric seal to help optimize a precise, leak-free fit.

The TRD air filter is reusable, so you can clean it and re-oil when needed. Regular cleaning and re-oiling ensure unrestricted airflow and top performance for the life of the product. There is also a TRD air filter cleaning kit available if you stay 100% OEM. 

The TRD air filter came pre-oiled and also included a “TRD Filter Equipt” sticker to add to the inside of your hood. This sticker informs Toyota technicians of the installed TRD filter, so they don’t throw it away during scheduled maintenance.


How To Replace Your Air Filter On 3rd Gen (2022+) Tundra

This installation process for the TRD High Flow Air Filter is super easy! This installation should take you less than 10 minutes. Let’s get into it!

Step 1. Remove Air Filter Lid

How To Find Tundra Air Filter

Start by removing the lid of your OEM intake. There are two silver clamps at the front of your intake box along with a hinge-like tab at the rear of the box.

Then unclamp the two silver clamps in the front of the box first. These clamps hold on the lid of the intake box to provide a solid seal to limit the amount of dirt being let into the box.

Replacing Air Filter On 3rd Gen Tundra

With the two front silver clamps removed from the lid, slide the lid away from the plastic hinge shown above. There is a plastic hinge on both sides of the rear of the intake box. I found it easiest to pull the lid toward the grille of your Tundra to help lift the lid off.

Step 2. Remove Old Air Filter

Factory Air Filter Replacement For 3rd Gen Tundra

This one is super simple. Remove the OEM paper air filter from your Tundra. Once you remove your OEM paper filter, if you notice any leaves or excess dirt on the bottom of your intake, this would be a great time to clean it out with a vacuum.

Step 3. Install TRD High Flow Air FIlter

TRD High Flow Air Filter For The Toyota Tundra

Replace the OEM air filter with your new TRD air filter.

Step 4. Reinstall Air Instake Lid

How To Change Air Filter On Toyota Tundra

To re-install your air intake lid, make sure that the two plastic tabs set themselves back into the plastic hinge area in the back of the filter lid.

Air Filter Install Guide For Tundra

Lastly, re-clamp the silver clamps to lock the lid into place.

Important: Since this Tundra is a twin-turbo truck with two air intakes, you will need to repeat the process on the other side.

That’s it! Now we can enjoy those sweet turbo noises a little bit more.

Driving Impressions

TRD Jon 3rd Gen Tundra TRD Filter Driving Impressions

So, after installing these into my tundra, I immediately took it out for a test drive with the new filters. My SR5 Tundra doesn’t have the augmented sound coming through the speakers to make it sound like a V8, so, I was very accustomed to how this new V6 i-Force motor naturally sounded.

Just accelerating down my street, I could immediately tell that there was more noise coming from the motor. This was even more apparent when I turned onto the highway and floored the truck. Needless to say, the turbo/intake noises seemed to be enhanced!

Now I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how much more horsepower or torque these drop-in air filters from TRD actually gave my truck since there are no true numbers I could find when I ordered these. However, I can tell you that the butt dyno (which is the one that matters) was very happy. At the very least, you are making it easier for air to flow into the motor, and that isn’t a bad thing.

After about 14k miles, I did not notice any noticeable increase in MPG after installing these filters into my Tundra. My truck was lifted with 35-inch tires, so the MPG always seems to stay around 15 to 16 with mixed driving. I haven’t had any issues with check engine lights or noticed any dirt or grime in my intake tubes.

I would definitely recommend these if you were looking for a cheaper mod/upgrade.

Final Thoughts

White SR5 3rd Gen Tundra

These TRD high-flow air filters are one of those mods that you forget you did until you don’t have them anymore; let me explain. I sold this Tundra a few months back, and have since replaced it with a new Tundra Platinum.

The Platinum has the same i-Force motor as my SR5 and is also a non-hybrid. The Platinum that I bought, does have the augmented V8 noise and while it sounds good, I have noticed that I barely hear any turbo noises at all coming from the engine bay. Along with this, (it may also be a placebo effect), I feel that my last Tundra had just a little more pep in its step versus this new truck. I was just thinking the other day how could this be? Then it hit me like a bag of bricks, the TRD high-flow air filters.

Could these drop-in filters really have had that much impact on my last Tundra experience? Perhaps, but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Brent McFann
Brent McFann
7 months ago

Hello, I have a 2023 Limited 4×4 Crewmax non hybrid. Mine does have the SES (augmented sound) which I will have the dealer turn off at next visit. Directly after purchase I too installed the TRD drop in filters. Almost every vehicle I’ve owned in my lifetime, I’ve installed either a cotton gauze drop in type filter or complete intake replacement. I agree with you that the most cost effective way for increased airflow is a drop in style filter. Just a few things to consider from my observations…. The Platinum just as my Limited model is equipped with the… Read more »

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