YotaMafia Extended Rear Brake Lines For 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra

YotaMafia Rear Extended Brake Lines For Toyota Tundra

YotaMafia Rear Extended Brake Lines For 3rd Gen (2022+) Tundra: Detailed Overview & Review + Comparison

Let’s just rip this band-aid off; the factory rear brake lines on the new 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra are SHORT! If you plan on adding taller aftermarket suspension to your Tundra or even plan on some heavier wheeling with your stock truck, YotaMafia has you covered with their rear extended brake lines for the 3rd Gen Tundra.

When I first brought my new Tundra to YotaMafia for some R&D work, the very first thing we noticed when the truck was in the air was that the rear brake lines are pathetically short for an off-road truck. Without any modifications, the rear axle nearly stretched them out at full droop. The only thing preventing the rear axle from completely ripping the brake lines out of their OEM fittings was the factory suspension.

If your intentions are to flex out your suspension and really droop the rear axle, then extended brake lines will give you added peace of mind.

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YotaMafia Extended Brake Lines (14″)

SR5 Tundra w/ Heretic Light Bar

The YotaMafia brake lines provided are 14″ (3″ over the factory length).


  • Layered stainless steel
  • Kevlar reinforcement + Teflon core
  • Durable steel fittings
  • DOT-approved, work with all brake fluids
  • About 3″ longer than factory
  • Includes everything you need for quick install
  • For 2022+ Toyota Tundra (2WD/4WD)

These aftermarket brake lines by YotaMafia can also be extended longer upon request. They give you plenty of additional travel to accommodate mild lift kits and even most long-travel suspension setups.

Why Extend Your Tundra’s Brake Lines?

YotaMafia Tundra Extended Brake Lines VS OEM Factory Brake Lines

YotaMafia extended brake lines on the left and the factory lines on the right. These photos were taken with the truck resting on the floor.

As I mentioned above, the OEM brake lines for this new Tundra are very short. In fact, the OEM brake lines are roughly 8″ in length. This new generation of Tundra also has a multi-linked rear suspension setup, comprised of rear coil springs and shocks. The days of rough riding leaf springs are no more.

Why do I mention this? Well, typically, if you upgrade a multi-link rear end on an off-road focused vehicle, you will gain significantly more downward travel over stock. Since the factory brake lines are limited to the downward travel of the OEM shocks, you can see that anything with more travel will require longer brake lines.

3rd Gen Tundra Factory Rear Brake Lines Tight Under Tension From Full Axle Droop

Need a visual? I got you. This photo was taken with my Tundra up on the lift, with the rear shock removed from the truck, allowing the rear axle to drop lower than it typically would from the factory. You can see how much slack is still in the YotaMafia 14″ extended brake lines, along with how taught the OEM brake line would have been.

Are Factory Brake Lines Safe To Use?

White 3rd Gen Tundra With Bronze RR6-H Relations Race Wheels

There are times when it is okay to keep your factory brake lines, however, if you plan on just adding bigger tires (like the photo above) and retaining your stock suspension setup, then the factory brake lines would be perfectly fine. Perhaps they would be a little strained on trails where suspension could be maxed out, but Toyota definitely accounted for axle travel.

If you are just adding a leveling kit onto your truck, then you’ll also likely be fine with the factory brake lines. The reason for this is that you are still using the OEM shock in the rear with its limited travel. Just be careful with some kits and how much of a spacer they use for the rear shocks. Do your research. Test your setup. its relatively easy to test this in your driveway.

Lastly, factory brake lines would be okay if you only add a mild suspension lift kit and don’t plan on doing any crazy off-roading. To verify this, check to see how taught the OEM brake line gets by drooping the rear axle with the new shocks installed. If they’re getting stretched out before the new suspension hits full droop, you’ll need to upgrade them. Otherwise, you may be good to go. But again, this is a cheap mod that is very helpful.

Final Thoughts

Red YotaMafia Extended Rear Brake Lines For 3rd Gen (2022+) Tundra

At the end of the day, I live by the saying, “buy once, cry once”. If you already have your truck at the shop for either a leveling kit or an aftermarket suspension kit, then I personally would just get extended brake lines installed while your truck is already on the lift. Even if you plan on installing different suspension in the future, or just for peace of mind, it’s more cost-effective to get this done all at once.

I find it a bit crazy that Toyota uses such short brake lines on these trucks with multi-linked rear suspension. It’s just insane how stretched out they allowed these brake lines to get. I wouldn’t want to be out on the trail with my truck and the rear brake lines just snap off with some articulation.

I know that Toyota has obviously done their research and this probably will never happen. For me, though, it’s just piece of mind knowing that I have some extra wiggle room to play with by adding some extended brake lines.

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