9 Front Bumper Setups For 3rd Gen Tundra

Lifted 3rd Gen Tundra With C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper & King Shocks

We Asked Nine 3rd Gen (2022+) Toyota Tundra Owners Which Aftermarket Front Bumper They Added On Their Trucks & Why – Here’s What They Said!

This Week’s Topic: Front Bumpers

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Tundra Feature. If you missed our previous feature post, we looked at 3rd Gen Tundra Ditch Light Setups.

In this feature, we asked 3rd Gen Tundra owners which brand they chose to go with for their aftermarket front bumpers and also why they decided to add one to their new trucks.

Top Brands Featured

Why Add A Front Bumper To Your Tundra?

C4 Fab Hybrid Steel Front Bumper For 3rd Gen Tundra With Baja Designs LED Lights

Changing out the factory plastic front bumper of your 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra does more for your truck than just making it look badass. There are several benefits gained when you invest in an aftermarket front bumper.

The first benefit is a no-brainer, it’s upgraded protection for the front end of your truck. If you really off-road your Tundra, having more protection offers piece of mind while you are out on the trail. The stock plastic, low-hanging front bumper just doesn’t cut it on those more intense trails, especially for a full-sized truck like the Tundra. You gain ground clearance and approach angles depending on the bumper design. This helps a ton with avoiding obstacles. Many owners learn the hard way and have to get an aftermarket bumper as a result of trail damage to their factory bumper.

The next reason many choose an aftermarket front bumper is to clear larger tires. Toyota actually did a surprisingly good job of allowing the 3rd Gen Tundra to fit 35″ to 37″ tires on this truck with minimal work. However, adding a full-width front bumper still allows you to run larger tires more effectively.

The last benefit I want to mention is the ability to add accessories to the front end of your Tundra easily. Adding a front bumper allows you to mount a winch, lights, and proper recovery points where the OEM bumper may have limited you.

Below you will find nine Tundras rocking a variety of bumpers with regard to brand, price, and function. We also asked each owner what they liked about their setup to give you a more in-depth look.

Be sure to check out their Instagram pages as well if you have more questions about their builds or mods!

1. Andy (@EnjoyTheRideDude) – Southern Style Off-Road

3rd Gen Tundra with Full Plate Slimline Front Bumper From SSO

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: Full Plate Slimline Front Bumper
  • Price: ~$1750

Why Did You Upgrade Your Bumper?

I chose this bumper because of the styling, functionality as well as versatility that it gives my truck when it comes to using it off-road. The approach angle is amazing now and allows me to descend and approach very steep slopes to maximize the fun while letting my Toyota 4-wheel drive system really display its prowess.

Weight was a number one concern and this is lightest (as far I know) steel bumper on the market. It also lets me run all the high-power lights I need for safety at night. It accommodates a 30-inch light bar of any brand, including double row models as well as 3-inch pods for fog, and has the ability to house up to a 12K winch as well as integrate recovery points for those moments you need a friendly tow-out of a hairy situation.

Lastly, it is very lightweight with only a 40-pound weight gain over the factory while being high clearance for obstacles and bigger tires.

2. Al Catolos (@SponsoredByWifey) – C4 Fabrication

Lifted White TRD Pro 3rd Gen Tundra With Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper & C4 Fabrication Overland Series Plate Front Bumper

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: Overland Series Front Bumper
  • Price: ~$1950

Why Did You Upgrade Your Bumper?

At the time I was shopping for bumpers, there wasn’t much of a selection.

I chose this bumper because of the no bull bar option and it’s the cleanest looking one…IMO.

3. TJ Grant (@Boba_Fetts_Tundra) – DV8 Off-Road

3rd Gen Toyota Tundra with DV8 MTO Series Winch Front Bumper

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: MTO Series Winch Front Bumper
  • Price: ~$1400

Why Did You Upgrade Your Bumper?

I chose this bumper because it was the perfect balance between being aggressive looking and flowing with the original design of the Tundra. I have added a huge increase in my approach angle with this bumper. Thanks to the 3” cutouts in the bumper, my fog lights also work as ditch lights. With the fog lights’ orientation, my field of view at night is greatly increased.

The design of the bumper provides not only a great look but functionality, with easy access to engage/disengage the winch, but, all the factory sensors work, including the adaptive cruise control, and the air dam sensor. The bumper comes with a relocation kit, for the air dam motor, which resulted in a fault-free install.

4. Kalen Marshall (@22_Lunar) – DV8 Off-Road

Lifted Lunar Rock 3rd Gen Tundra WIth DV8 MTO Series Winch Front Bumper, Black Rhino Wheels & Falken Wildpeak MT Tires

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: MTO Series Winch Front Bumper
  • Price: ~$1400

Why Did You Upgrade Your Bumper?

I chose the DV8 brand simply because of its design. It’s not bulky, it doesn’t have a bull bar, and it keeps all of the functionality of the Toyota Safety Sense features. The bumper also allows for two 3” pod lights to replace the fog lights, space to hold a winch, and a 20” light bar behind the aluminum accent panel.

To top it all off, the increased approach angle adds an excellent appeal to anyone that puts their truck in the dirt.

5. Vitek Kozlowski (@Koz_22Tundra) – Addictive Desert Designs

White 3rd Gen Tundra with Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter Winch Bumper & Prinsu Roof Rack

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: Stealth Fighter Winch Bumper
  • Price: ~$2400

Why Did You Upgrade Your Bumper?

Addictive Desert Designs is well known for its quality and design that is hands down the best in the business (IMO). The slim design improves the look of the truck tenfold as well as improving the approach angle for more clearance off-roading. The number one feature is the tow hooks the tundra lacks from the factory. The bumper makes it possible to run a 12K LB winch with no issues and relocation of intercooler coolant lines.

You get to keep the factory fog lamps as well as the ability to run additional lights. You have the option for a 40” curved light bar and two 3” cubes or ten 3” cubes in place of the light bar. Just like all 2022+ Tundra bumpers, you will have to do some cutting and you will have to ditch the front active spoiler. If your vehicle is equipped with one, ADD will provide a relocation bracket to remount the FAS motor in a different location and no message on the dash. All parking and collision sensors stay intact and relocated.

6. Kainoa Kaiwi (@TundraToyo22.Hi) – CBI Off-Road Fab

Lifted 3rd Gen Tundra With CBI Covert Front Bumper, Tribal Wrap, Tinted Windshield

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: Covert Front Bumper
  • Price: ~$1000

Why Did You Upgrade Your Bumper?

A year ago I was looking for truck mods and at the time there was not that much available for the new Tundra. I came across CBI Offroad Fab and saw the covert center bumper about to be released soon.

The covert bumper allows me to have recovery points, a place for a winch, and a lower light bar and it also keeps the stock look that I enjoy.

7. Shawn Foley (@Mr_Tundra_2022) – CBI Off-Road Fab

Red 3rd Gen Tundra With CBI Off-Road Fab Covert Front Bumper & Prinsu Roof Rack

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: Covert Front Bumper
  • Price: ~$1000

Why Did You Upgrade Your Bumper?

I decided on this CBI bumper for a variety of reasons. Primarily I liked how it kept in line with my truck’s OEM design, with no cutting of the front lower corners, changing the truck’s look completely. I also liked how I could hide an internal winch behind the bumper without it being obvious I had one. In addition, I liked how I could add the bull bar option to have a little unique customization to it.

8. Isaiah Narisma (@fullmag_tundra) – C4 Fabrication

Hybrid Series Front Bumper On Lifted 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: Hybrid Series Front Bumper
  • Price: ~$1850

Why Did You Upgrade Your Bumper?

I chose this front bumper because I really love the visual style of a hybrid tube-style front bumper over a full-plate bumper for most trucks. The tube style, although slightly marginally lighter (in actual weight), is significantly lighter in “visual weight” meaning it appears less “bulky” and less “cumbersome” compared to a full-plate bumper, and I believe that really comes out in photos.

Also, this front bumper has the added benefit of allowing for a massive 40″ lightbar cutout as well as allowing for more than one fog light in the fog pocket area where I can mount multiple pod lights. I currently am running two Baja Designs Squadron Pros and plan on adding an S2 Pro in the corner for a total of THREE fog lights in the fog pocket. This bumper is also winch-capable and fully retains all of the OEM radar and parking sensors to keep your truck happy and retain all of the Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 (TSS 2.5) functionalities.

9. Matt Berfield (@Mathias.built) – Lil B’s Fabrication

Lifted Lunar Rock 3rd Gen Tundra With Lil B's Fabrication Front Bumper

Front Bumper Details

  • Model: Tundra Front Bumper
  • Price: ~$1700

Why Did You Upgrade Your Bumper?

To start, I don’t think there is a better-looking full bumper that flows with the tundra. So it was my personal preference as to why I chose this front bumper for my Tundra. I’ve also installed this brand for many customers and the quality is top-notch. It’s overall just my style as well as it has every function I need with lighting, winch, and availability of factory sensors.

This is a full high clearance style bumper. It allows for multiple lighting options, winch, and sensors. The price will vary depending on if you want a bull bar on the front or not. They have it without one and then three different height options. The bumper comes raw so so you’d have to get it powder coated.

Final Thoughts

Southern Style Offroad Plate Front Bumper On 3rd Gen Tundra With iKamper RTT

What a great group of trucks for this Tundra Feature article. As the 3rd Gen Tundra starts to become more available with more companies designing and making aftermarket goodies for it, I will be excited to come back to this topic and see what new bumper hit the market in the future.

For right now, I see plenty of trucks running CBI, C4, DV8, and Lil B bumpers all over Instagram. It helps when you are first through the door! I can’t wait to see more trucks built up in the future with different bumpers, that way customers have even more options.

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