Roam Rugged Cases Review (125L + 150L) – Features & Why They Might Work For You

ROAM Rugged Cases Review (125L + 150L)

Top 5 Features Of The ROAM Adventure Co. 125L & 150L Rugged Cases – Get Organized With Premium Storage Boxes For Your Off-Road/Overland Rig

When you’re out there in the wild, on an overland adventure or an off-road expedition, having reliable gear storage is an absolute necessity. It’s that crucial difference between a smooth, easy trip and a chaotic one. But the choice between an expensive drawer system that’s permanently stuck in the bed and cheap storage boxes that fall apart the second you hit rough terrain is a tough one. This is where ROAM Adventure Co. steps in to fill in that space between.

Roam has a variety of storage cases to fit anyone’s needs aptly named their “Rugged Case” Line. Their Rugged Rolling Boxes are purpose-built storage solutions designed to handle the most challenging terrains while keeping your gear safe and neatly organized. You can get these cases in 4 different colors including Black, Desert Tan, OD Green, and Slate. Want a storage solution built for the outdoors that’s also strong enough to pass down to your kids or even grandkids? Check out these rugged cases.

“We want you to be able to focus on maximizing the adventures and the time you get outdoors. We don’t want you to focus on whether or not your gear is going to hold up or keep things safe”
– ROAM Adventure Co.

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125L Rugged Rolling Box

Roam Adventure Co. 125L Rugged Case Review

This 24lb storage case is an absolute game-changer for those of us who need an organized and lockable storage option for our overland trips. The 125 liter case offers plenty of space to house your gear, making it perfect for extended trips into the wild.

The 125L is likely the storage case that most folks would find useful for things like kitchen storage, buddy heaters, fire kits, medical kit storage, recovery gear and really anything else around that size.

150L Rugged Rolling Box

Roam Adventure Co. 150L Rugged Case Review

For folks who need a bit more storage, the ROAM 150L Rugged Rolling Case offers an additional 25 liters of storage capacity at only 27lbs. This additional room is nice for longer expeditions or for those hauling bulkier equipment. I find the 150 liter to be great for storing diesel heaters, Buddy Heaters, power banks, and can pretty much fit my entire bedding for my tent if I really needed it. No need to sacrifice organization or accessibility, as this box provides the space and flexibility to fit your needs, whether it’s camp chairs, oversized tents, or a portable power station.

What really sets these cases apart is its focus on expandability. You can customize the interior layout with lid organizers making sure your gear, (whether it’s camping equipment, recovery tools, or cooking supplies) stays organized and easily accessible.

1. Rugged Exterior

Premium Overlanding Storage Box Review

One of the major features of this box compared to other brands is its ruggedness. These ROAM cases are built from high-quality materials like reinforced polyethylene and stainless steel. This means all of your camping and off-road gear stays safe even while you’re off camber trying to get to even the most remote campsites.

The sturdy exterior can take whatever beating the average overlander or off-roader throws its way. I’ve had these cases in the bed through some heavy articulation back and forth and they still look pretty much brand new.

2. Knobby Tires

Roam Rugged Case Wheels

When it comes to getting your gear from your truck to the campsite, the ROAM Rugged Rolling Cases are just about one of the easiest storage cases to maneuver. It has knobby wheels and a well built handle, making transportation easy, even when the cases are fully loaded.

The oversized wheels are designed to easily roll over multiple types of terrains, from rocky trails to sandy beaches, making these cases ideal for wherever you take your truck. The handle provides comfort and is positioned in an ideal location, sparing your back and allowing for better maneuvering.

3. Lockable Latches

Locking Latches On Roam Storage Cases

Both of these Rugged Cases from ROAM feature 7 heavy duty steel construction latches. Each of these high quality latches are coated in a protective epoxy to make them even more rugged. These are overbuilt to make sure your gear stays secure inside even during the most heavy off-roading.

That being said, these are almost a bit overkill, and really my only complaint about these cases is the fact that there are almost too many latches. When ever I get to my camp site I usually only latch about 3 of them if I’m going to be in and out of them quite a bit.

4. Expandable Organization

Roam Rugged Case Lid Organizers

What really sets these cases apart is its focus on expandability. You can customize the interior layout with lid organizers making sure your gear, (whether it’s camping equipment, recovery tools, or cooking supplies) stays organized and easily accessible. I didn’t opt for these, however this is perfect for smaller items that an overlander or off-roader might need to access more frequently. The lid organizer makes use of space that would otherwise not be utilized in a traditional storage container and is the perfect companion to your Rugged Case.

In addition, both the 125 liter and the 150 liter cases are able to add even more organization to your storage with Rugged Bags which sit within the case and keep gear separated within different bags. This system is great for keeping like-items together so you can easily find what you are looking for.

5. Multiple Mounting Options

Mounting Roam Adventure Co. Rugged Cases

As someone who switched from a drawer system in my 4Runner to these storage cases in my Tundra, I couldn’t be happier with the amount of storage space you get. These cases are able to strap down to roof racks and truck beds through the tie down channels, staying put even during spirited off-roading. Even if you don’t strap them down you don’t have to worry about your gear inside the case getting damaged, thanks to the overbuilt exterior walls.

Both the Roam cases are designed to work in a number of different vehicles from small cars up to full size trucks. I personally love these for the Tundra because you can just throw these in the bed and go without having to worry about your gear. While you can leave them out loosely in the bed without issue, the ability to use the tie down channels to mount them to your roof, or secure them into the truck bed without losing quick access to the gear inside was a major selling point.

I love the flexibility to access or rearrange my gear while the boxes remain securely strapped to my vehicle while traveling. ROAM uses a mounting system that ensures compatibility with most roof racks, truck beds, or cargo platforms; installing these boxes is an absolute breeze. With the ability to change the way you carry your gear if you decide to switch the cases from your rack to your bed, bed to your cab or wherever you find works best for you. If I was looking for a full time rack-mounted case, I would probably look for a slimmer size like the 128L Rolling Rugged Case but these will certainly mount up there.

What Am I Using Them For?

Detailed Roam Rugged Case Review & Overview

What’s In My Boxes?

  • 125 Liter: Camp kitchen, fire starting gear, hammocks
  • 150 Liter: Bulkier Items like heaters, recovery gear, bedding

In my previous vehicle I had drawers that fit pretty much every piece of camping gear I needed except for bedding. When I switched over to the Tundra I needed a place to store all of that stuff in one single lockable place (well, I technically found two places). Moving everything from the drawers over to the cases, I was impressed at the fact that my entire two drawer system fit in just the 125 liter case alone.

The 150 has become a place to store all the bulky but light weight items I can’t store in the bed of my truck without a tonneau cover or topper back there. Eventually, yes, I will have a topper on the truck, but I will still keep the cases when I move to that set up.

It is also important to note that ROAM Adventure co. has many different sizes in both rolling boxes and fixed cases. If you’re looking at getting a rugged rolling box, you can also get them in an 80 liter that has a retractable handle, and a 128 liter that also fits on a roof rack with ease. The reason I went with the 125 and 150 liter over the 128 is due to their shape and ability to be made into a makeshift chair if I’m ever feeling a bit too lazy to grab my chair.

Final Thoughts

Premium Storage Box/Case For Off-Roading & Overlanding

In my experience, these boxes have been a game-changer for overland gear storage in my Tundra. I’ve had these for a few months now and I’ve put them through the ringer; they’ve had no issues taking what I’ve thrown at them.

The durability, security, and mobility do come with a price however when you consider the price of these boxes aren’t necessarily the cheapest. At the end of the day they are still cheaper than most drawer systems but more rugged than most storage boxes.

They are built to handle heavy off-roading and rugged terrain with no issue, a testament to their build quality. If you are out camping for a one-nighter or out for weeks at a time these rolling boxes keep your gear safe, organized, and easily accessible. They’re not just boxes; they’re your trusted companions on the road less traveled.

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