Go Rhino E1 Electric Running Boards For 3rd Gen Tundra – Review

Go Rhino E1 Electric Running Boards For Tundra

Go Rhino E1 Electric Powered Running Boards Review – Low Profile Retractable Option For Improving Access & Adding Utility To Your Tundra

Do you have a lifted Tundra? Are you tired of goose-stepping your way up into it or sliding down out of it like a buffoon? We’ve all at least seen it – the guy who dropped $3,000 on lifted suspension to make his truck’s stance really nice, only to climb in and out of it like a tortoise on a side walk curb.

My friend, you need to add class to your life and accessibility to your truck with the new Go Rhino E1 Powered Running Boards. The boards will allow you to mount and dismount your stead of steel as befits a man of dash and dignity.

They tuck up under your truck when the doors are closed and open out and down when the doors are opened. Save yourself some embarrassment and pulled muscles, and get a pair of these powered side steps.

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Go Rhino E1 Electric Running Boards

Product Overview

Go Rhino Electric Running Board Review

The Go Rhino E1 boards come with two boards that run the length of your cab. Each board is supported by two motors and one central pivoting arm (shown below).

As seen above, the boards tuck up to the vehicle very tightly, so that your ground clearance is barely affected. This is one of the features I love best about the Go Rhino boards as opposed to other boards permanently set lower – they’re almost invisible to the profile of my Tundra and ground clearance is hardly affected. They look so clean!

Go Rhino Electric Retractable Running Boards Review

When you open the door, the boards will extend out and down right away. The height from ground to step will vary depending upon your lift height and tire size; but the Go Rhino boards reduce the entry height by 10″ as measured from the board to the level of your truck’s interior floor.

In practical terms, it’s like going from doing a Jean-Claude Van Damme high kick to get into your truck to something much more manageable.

Go Rhino Running Boards Fully Deployed

When fully protracted, the 6″ wide Go Rhino E1 steps also extend outward a good way. As shown above, the steps provide ample clearance away from the vehicle allowing a full footing – as opposed to the mere ball of your foot as with some fixed side-steps. The benefit here is especially felt when exiting the vehicle; your foot really finds a good purchase on this wide, extended platform.

Go Rhino Running Board Mounting Feet/Legs

The mounting components are very robust. Shown above, each side comes with two heavy-duty motor elements and a central pivoting arm. All three combine to make a very stout and yet smoothly operating platform. The operation is also decently quiet.

Go Rhino E1 Electric Running Boards With LED Foot Lighting - Output Shots

Automatic lighting provides ground visibility and added security when exiting the vehicle in low-vis scenarios. You can see in the above image how the light even reveals everything underneath the ground landing area and even a nearby parked car.


How To Install Go Rhino Running Boards

The install process is not difficult but it is tedious, with lots of little tweaks and adjustments. I will leave that process for the manufacturer’s instructions, which are excellent.

However, I do have a few tips from my install…

  • Do the install over grass, or lay down cardboard or towels. A rough surface may scratch the E1 boards.
  • Be sure to look closely at the demarcation on each mounting arm. The look similar but have letters indicating where they mount. Don’t get them mixed up or you’ll have alignment issues!
  • Mount the wiring matrix on the driver’s side; this ensures your on/off switch is easily accessible to the driver.
  • Test the door magnets before mounting them by holding them in place with masking tape. Once you get them aligned, you can mark and do the final taping.
  • Leave the boards loosely attached to the mounts and the mounts loosely attached to the underside of the cab, so as to make adjustments when testing the stowed and extended positions of your boards. Once dialed in, tighten down the bolts and test again. They should extend and contract without creaks, grinding, or any stuttering.
  • You may need to toggle the on/off switch for the boards to begin working. For my install, they did not operate normally, even with power on, until I toggled the switch off and then back on.


Go Rhino Automatic Retractacle Running Board Review

Above is a 6 year old child using the steps. You might be thinking, “That’s a high step for that child.” Sure, it is. But imagine the side step not being there. Look how much farther she’d have to go to get in. The truck floor is at the heigh of her right knee. This kid would basically need to jump and climb into the cab! So, yes the step is high for her, but it does work well – and the kids love playing on it!

Go Rhino Running Boards - Detailed Review & Overview

As soon as I put the boards on, all the kids ran to play on them. The truck really became a magnet for them. Even the dog got in and wanted go for a ride!

Go Rhino Running Boards For Toyota Tundra

Seriously, prior to these boards, the lifted truck was inaccessible to 90% of my family. I could manage to hoist myself in and out of the vehicle, but its utility was severely limited on the practical daily. My wife in jeans or a dress didn’t feel like riding in my truck much. To be honest, it’s kind of embarrassing to have to perform semi-acrobatics to enter and exit a tall vehicle. Now she has a nice lowered platform with easier access.

Long-Term Tips

Go Rhino Electric Running Boards For Tundra

Some tips for long-term use in adverse conditions:

  • If you travel near salt water, gravel, sand, or snow (where the roads are salted), you’ll want to protect the gear and bearings from corrosive elements. I use a good grease, such as that used on tractor parts or marine applications.
  • During cold winters where ice often forms on the under carriage of vehicles, you might want to consider turning off the powered boards. If the gears freeze, then they either won’t extend or they won’t retract – at some point. This doesn’t mean they’re broken, just frozen by water-turned-to-ice.
  • Under harsh conditions, check the underside of the boards once a month or so to see if they’re scratched or if the coating is wearing down at all. Lots of dirt, mud, debris, and rocks get kicked up there and could cause wear over time.
  • Any aftermarket wiring should be checked for secured stowage and abrasion. One of the harnesses that comes with this kit goes over and around the exhaust area. Be sure to inspect it for wear after a few months.

Final Thoughts

Lifted 3rd Gen Tundra With Aftermarket Electronic Retracting Running Boards

Without the boards, getting in and out of my lifted Tundra required gymnastic flexibility and looked rather uncultured. Taking my wife, kids, or dog anywhere was an ordeal. Also, the wear and tear on seats is going to be rough when you have to essentially slide out and down like a wet noodle each time you exit the vehicle.

GoRhino 8

Now with these powered boards, my truck still presents a streamlined, super clean profile, and yet I enjoy excellent ease of convenience and stability for getting in and out of my lifted Tundra. It might sound silly, but I feel more confident when using them, as they provide an elevated landing pad, a raised platform for entry and exit. I am super pleased with the product Go Rhino has produced.

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