VLEDS V6 Extreme Reverse Light System For 2nd Gen Tundra – Install & Review

VLED V6 Extreme Reverse Lights For Tundra

VLEDS V6 Extreme LED Reverse Light Bulb Kit For 2nd Gen (2007-2021) Tundra- Step-By-Step Install, Review & Overview

Factory reverse lights were never really meant to help us see at night, but rather to signal to others that we are backing up. However, what if I want to let others know that I’m backing up while also being able to see better and update the look of the 2nd Gen Tundra’s aging the rear end? Enter the VLEDS kit!

These bulbs are great because not only are they built stout, but also produce gobs of useable white light. They are also backed by a 3-year warranty.

If it was already abundantly clear by the amount of aftermarket lighting that I have on my truck, I like to see as much at night as possible. I’ve already swapped my interior bulbs, license plate lights, 3rd brake light, and retrofitted my side towing mirrors to have a switchback LED panel in them. The last piece of the incandescent-delete puzzle was the reverse lights.

LED swaps are extremely popular as they greatly increase outward visibility over the dim factory incandescent lights and are generally easy to install.

Although this install is on a Tundra, the kit has six different base adapters, including a hardwired version.

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Company Overview

VLEDS High Power Reverse Lights

There is arguably no bigger name in the high-quality LED space than VLEDS. From their customer service and packaging to the amount of engineering and design put into their products, VLEDS is a top-notch brand. To match that reputation, the performance of their lighting products is second to none.

They are a powerhouse not to be reckoned with when it comes to bright and useable lighting for many makes and models. All of their products are also designed right here in America.


Installing VLEDS Reverse Lights

Installing these is pretty straightforward! It is not a complete drop-in install, but with the right tools, you can get this job done in under 20 minutes.

Now, let’s get started!

VLED V6 Tundra Reverse Lights Tools Needed

Required Tools

  • T30 Torx bit 
  • Heat Gun
  • Supplied Heat Shrink
  • Supplied Allen/Hex Key

Step 1. Remove Tail Lights

Removing 2nd Gen Tundra Tail Lights

To get started, we need to remove the housings. Start by removing the two T30 bolts on the inside of the bed and gently but firmly pry the light out. There are two metal retaining clips that help to align and stabilize the taillight, you want to be pulling straight so as to not bend and break the brittle plastic retaining the metal retaining clip.

Step 2. Remove Old Bulbs

How To Replace Tundra Reverse Light Bulbs

With the taillight removed, unhook the reverse light plug from the taillight and remove the factory bulb. I’m a snob about saving old bulbs and prefer to keep them on hand just in case, so I chose to wear some nitrile gloves just to help preserve them for the 1% chance I’ll ever use them again. Though this is not completely necessary, I did so by force of habit.

Step 3. Install New 7440 Base

VLED V6 Tundra Reverse Lights - Installing 7440 Base

With the factory bulb removed, you will now plug the 7440 base adapter into the factory plug. Next, you’ll install the new VLEDS V6 Extreme bulb into the 7440 base.

VLED V6 Tundra Reverse Lights Install 7440 Base 2

At this point be sure to slip your heat shrink over so it’s ready to go for the next step. Make sure not to heat it up and shrink it until you have confirmed that the polarity is correct and the LED functions properly.

Step 4. Check Polarity

Checking Polarity On Reverse Lights

With everything connected the way it should be, and the heat shrink on standby, go ahead and check to be sure you have the polarity correct. Put the truck in accessory key mode, put it in reverse, and check to see a glowing white light.

Make sure the emergency brake is on in case your truck is on a hill. If you do not, simply unplug, flip the adapter, and plug it back into the socket. Once the light is operational it’s time to seal everything up.

Step 5. Using Heat Shrink

Heat Shrinking Electrical Connections

It’s helpful to remove the rubber grommet on the stock bulb holder and save this part. Slip the adhesive heat shrink down and fire up the heat gun. If it’s a 20-degree Fahrenheit day where you’re at, take your time and enjoy the warmth. Once your heat shrink is heated and shrunk, you’re all set with a solid connection that will resist water intrusion

How To Use Heat Shrink

If you have never used heat shrink before, this is what your end goal should look like!

Step 6. Install Collars

VLED V6 Tundra Reverse Lights Install Collars

On the VLEDS V6 Extreme, there are two different bulb positions. I found that you will want to put the blue anodized collar on the bottom with the rubber gasket on top of that. Everything should be sitting flush. Once that is complete, we can get our retaining screws installed. 

Step 7. Install New Lights

VLED V6 Extreme Tundra Reverse Lights Installation Guide

To do this, get the bolts aligned for retaining the bulbs. For our Tundras, the factory plug is a perfect “+” shape, which these bulbs do not allow for. You will need to install one screw on the north and one directly south which, will do the job. Insert the two screws into the lines of the taillight, push firmly, and twist clockwise until you feel the screws engage and tension is set on the bulb securing it.

Step 8. Reinstall Tail Lights

Tuck your wires and reinstall the taillight. Start by first setting the metal retaining clips into the holes of the body and press firmly, while gently folding the it towards the bed. Once the retaining nipples are secure, screw your T30 Torx bolts back into the taillight from inside the bed. Congrats! You’ve successfully installed your VLEDS V6 Extreme reverse lights!

Final Thoughts

VLED V6 Extreme Reverse Light System - Output Shot & Review

These lights are an incredibly practical, and simple mod to do to upgrade your 2014-2021 Tundra’s lighting performance. Seeing through my tinted windows at night, especially in the rain, is so much easier with these bulbs over the dim incandescent factory ones. In my opinion, this is a must-have mod and something that I wish I had done sooner! I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a quick mod to increase their rear night visibility.

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