VersaTrax RailTrax Bed Anchor For 3rd Gen Tundra – Install & Review

VersaTrax RailTrax Bed Anchor - Truck Bed Tie Down System For Tundra

Super Tough, Adaptable & Lightweight Truck Bed Tie-Down Accessory Rail Track System

Before my 2023 Tundra I owned a 2017 Tacoma. The “Taco” came stock with two mounting points on the bed floor. They were nice and I used them all the time – from strapping down general cargo and camping gear to work tools and furniture.

When I bought a new 2023 Tundra, I was a little disappointed to see that they do not come stock with bed-mounted tie-downs. The bed side-wall mounts are decent. But quite often the floor itself is the best securing location for many applications.

VersaTrax RailTrax Bed Anchor Tie Down Review

Thankfully, Nick Chase over at VersaTrax has developed an excellent solution to this deficit – an anodized aluminum, L-Series track bed anchoring system for 2022+ Tundras. I saw this online, emailed Nick with some questions about his product, and soon got my hands on a set.

My first impressions out of the box are that these are high quality engineered, well thought out anchor points. They’re adjustable and sleek looking, and seemed to be exactly what I was looking for (without knowing it!).

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Tundra Bed Anchors


VersaTrax Installation Guide

The install is simple. For 5.5′ beds, remove the four T55 bolts bed bolts (seen above, two on each side) and then install the RailTrax with the supplied new bolts.

For 6.5′ or 8′ beds, the kit will come with another set of tie-downs for the front of the bed as well. If the factory bolts give you trouble, use some break-free lubrication beforehand. The tracks bolt into bed-frame mounts, not the bed walls, which means they very tough and you can sinch down cargo extremely tightly.

Product Review

VersaTrax Bed Anchor - Review & Overview

Right off the bat, the first thing that hits me is that these tie-downs just look slick, strong, and smooth. They’re made from 7075-T6 aluminum, which is has an extremely high, almost overkill tensile strength. Yet, these aluminum tracks also feel very light weight in the hand.

I also really appreciate the OEM, flush, rounded appearance. The bed area doesn’t look altered drastically from stock. Excited, I immediately put them to the test in the harsh environment of construction.

Aftermarket Truck Bed Tie Down Bed Anchor System Kit For 3rd Gen Tundra

On the daily I haul expensive tools to job sites, and these tie-downs are already paying for themselves multiple times over in that they’re able to restrain low or flat loads. If you’ve ever hauled lumber, you know what I’m talking about. It’s difficult to put vertical force on low cargo. I also haul oddly shaped items, like this DeWalt miter saw with rolling stand (above).

The OEM mounts on the rear and front bed wall do not provide much security for this (expensive) item. They are positioned too high to provide downward force with straps. Also, as mentioned above, the Tundra doesn’t come with bed floor mounts, like the Tacoma. So, without these Versatrax bed tie-down mounts, my high-dollar tools would be rolling around or bouncing out of my bed. This could lead to damaged equipment, vehicles, and a bad day on the job.

3rd Gen (2022+) Toyota Tundra Bed Tie Downs From VersaTrax - Securing Bike To Truck Bed

Whenever I’m free at this time of year I’m usually carrying around my cyclocross bike to switch-hit some smooth trails and hilly roads; and here the anchors prove useful again.

The bumpy off-road ride is a bit too much for just the typical front fork mounts and admittedly weak carbon fiber forks of my cyclocross bike. The rear tie-downs give me added protection and keep my overall setup secure. And the track system here allows adjustment of mounting points as the dynamics and shape of my gear demand. It’s a win-win.

VersaTrax Tie Downs For Tundra

Speaking of adjustability, the package comes with two sets of different mounts: a small version and a larger with an O-ring. These easily attach, move along 1-inch slotted increments, and detach.

In fact, I’ve taken to installing and removing them with one hand. (I also like to remove and store them in the cab when driving, as they jingle about in the bed.) The VersaTrax website also boasts an upcoming new swivel D-ring. I’d like to get my hands on it when it comes out!

VersaTrax RailTrax Install & Review

Up-close with these, I have to admit that I appreciate this little detail – drain holes. Without them, water would pool up inside the notched channel and form gunky residue etc. I’ve already washed the vehicle a few times since installing these tie-downs, and the water dissipates from them quite nicely. Attention to detail like this bespeaks a well-engineered product overall.

VersaTrax RailTrax For Tundra

Another small but important detail is the VersaTrax mount is (nearly) flush with the bed floor, so your cargo and gear can lay flat or roll over the mounts with no obstruction or damage to your belongings. Sliding lumber or plywood across the bed isn’t a problem with these low profile mounts.

The bolts are also recessed to provide extra slim-line profile. Those of us who use our beds for camping or star-gazing, for instance, appreciate any bed mods that don’t leave a lump in our backs or detract from the OEM specs of the dimensions.

Final Thoughts

VersaTrax RailTrax Review & Overview

Since installing the VersaTrax system on my truck, I have made several good hauls: construction, recreation, and a cross-country trip with a washer and dryer set. The kit has kept all of my cargo and gear safe, stable, and in place with no issues.

The heaviest load I carried with them was a pile of lumber, and the tie-downs had no problem strapping a lot of downward pressure on that wood. I even used multiple tie points for lateral ties to pull the wood inward toward the bed. The tie-downs didn’t budge.

Overall, I am very happy with the product, especially since it looks OEM and “out of the way” when not in use. Come hunting season in the fall, we’ll see how the VersaTrax system performs holding wild game while riding down some trails!

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