Introducing The All New 2024 Toyota Tundra 1794 Limited Edition

Tundra 1794 Limited Edition In Blueprint

Newly Revealed 3rd Gen Tundra 1794 Limited Edition – TRD Pro Value Meets Western Aesthetics With Very Low Production Volume Special Edition Truck

Toyota unveiled the Tundra 1794 Limited Edition at the Texas State Fair, elevating their already successful 1794 grade to new for the 2024 model year. This exclusive low-volume special edition combines a richer Western-themed interior with enhanced off-road features, resulting in an exceptionally desirable Tundra that is set to hit the market in the spring of 2024.

I was lucky enough to have spent time with this Tundra at a recent event I attended, so I want to share what I thought about this truck with you all along with some specs that Toyota has provided.

So what makes this truck, which is limited to only 1500 units so special? Let’s break it down!

What Is The 1794 Limited Edition?

Toyota 1794 Limited Edition - Tundra Press Release Photo

The 1794 Limited Edition was developed in collaboration with the Saddleback Leather Company, a Texas-based company. Toyota and Saddleback took the already successful Tundra grade and gave it a unique ultra-premium leather interior along with essentially a TRD Pro trim underneath with its new suspension.

Along with these items, Toyota completely ditched the traditional chrome that you would see on the current 1794 grades for a cleaner streamlined look which we will break down all those details as well.

1794 Limited Edition Tundra With New I-Force Max Motor

Toyota will streamline the 1794 Limited Edition by not allowing for a variety of configurations. This truck will only come as a crewmax with a 5.5′ bed, four-wheel drive, and exclusively with the I-FORCE Max powertrain standard.

The only other trucks in their lineup that are this way, are the TRD Pro along with the Capstone grades.

The 1794 will be available in dealerships in the spring of 2024 Wind Chill Pearl, Midnight Black Metallic, Blueprint, and Smoked Mesquite.

If you purchase this truck, you will also receive several Saddleback Leather Company accessories that actually match the truck (very luxury car vibes, huh). These leather items include a large overnight bag, a tool roll, an owner’s portfolio, a key glove for your Tundra key fob, and a small leather pouch.

Exterior Differences & Upgrades

1794 3rd Gen Tundra Limited Edition Review

There are unique exterior design changes that help separate this limited edition from your typical 1794 Tundras. As I said earlier in the article, gone is all the bright chrome on this truck.

This truck received the Platinum treatment with a dark chrome grille upfront along with color-match door handles and rear bumpers. There are blacked-out accents along the windows and over-fenders. The 1794 Limited Edition also ditches the typical embossed Tundra tailgate for a unique stamped tailgate which you can see in the photo above.

I personally love the lack of chrome this truck has. I have never been a fan of how much of it was on the 1794 as it just looked too flashy for me. This truck just looks very clean and modern with a hint of luxury with the dark chrome grille and 20″ black wheels.

Interior Quality Improved

1794 Limited Edition 3rd Gen Tundra Interior

Did you play baseball or softball growing up? If you did, do you remember the smell of a brand-new leather glove? Think real hard, try to imagine that, or a fresh pair of leather boots or a brand new wallet. You got it? Ya? That is literally what this truck smelt like when I opened the doors of this Tundra. The rich leather smell just consumed me and immediately brought me back to the moment I got my first set of cowboy boots, or that new baseball glove for Little League.

The quality of the leather in this truck was just insane. All of the soft-touch materials that are in the typical 1794 grade have been upgraded to the premium leather that Saddleback has to offer. Everything from the a-pillar grab handle to your center console just screamed luxury leather.

The two front seats are embossed with “1794 Limited Edition” along with a numbered plaque above the passenger dashboard which is written out in a unique old-school revolver-style font.

Limited Edition Tundra Number Plate - 1 of 1500 Produced

In the back seat area of the Limited Edition, you will find unique seat card pockets that have a pretty cool buckle strap, which I thought was pretty wild, yet super inconvenient.

Tundra 1794 Limited edition rear seats

The high-quality details continue onto the back seats where you’ll find that the cup holder can now be brought down by a leather strap. Saddleback seems to have really had an insane attention to detail with the interior of this Tundra.

Improved TRD Pro Suspension Components

1794 Tundra Fox Suspension - Similar To TRD PRO

The focus on this truck wasn’t just a revamped exterior and a beautiful new interior though. Toyota also added upgraded Fox suspension and an off-road inspired wheel and tire combination to this truck. They used the same 2.5-in. diameter Fox Internal Bypass shocks with piggyback reservoirs that you’ll find on the TRD Pro. This suspension gives this truck a 1.1-inch lift over the normal 1794 grade and adds to this Tundra’s off-road capability.

Speaking of off-road capability, not only will every example of this truck be four-wheel drive, but they will come with multi-terrain select, crawl control, DAC, and also a rear locker. So basically you are getting a TRD Pro Tundra, with an insane premium luxury Western-inspired interior. How cool is that?

Final Thoughts

Limited Edition 1794 - Detailed Review & Overview

I’ll get this outta the way since I’m sure at least one of you is probably thinking this. I have no idea why Toyota isn’t making a limited run of 1794 of these trucks instead of only 1500 examples. Would it have killed them to just make an extra 294 to get to that number?

Regardless though, this truck is very cool. I have also thought that the TRD Pro lacked interior quality materials when compared to the 1794 and Platinum trim levels. This truck answers those complaints and takes the quality one step further going beyond the Capstone trim in my opinion.

That being said, this puppy is gonna be expensive! If I had to guess, I would put this truck very close to the $85,000 mark. The Tundra Capstone’s MSRP is close to $79,000 already, and this truck is every bit of luxury as that. In addition, it also offers TRD Pro components and comes with exclusive Saddleback Leather Company items.

What do you think the price will be? Let us know in the comments along with your thoughts on this all-new Tundra for 2024.

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