ARB Teases 3rd Gen Tundra Product Lines – Coming Soon!

ARB 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra

The 3rd Gen (2022+) Tundra Is Getting Full Aftermarket Product & Accessory Support From ARB – Targeted For Release Late 2024

ARB, one of the biggest names in the off-road community has revealed their plans for the 3rd Generation Toyota Tundra platform. Owners have been waiting to see what would develop, and let me tell you, the wait did not disappoint!

Recently revealed at SEMA 2023, ARB laid out their vision for the new Tundra by putting their truck on display at their booth alongside a brand new 2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter.

You would think that a now three-year-old Tundra would be completely overlooked by a brand-new Tacoma right? Wrong, it was an absolute hit because it was sporting some awesome new aftermarket accessories that we will break down in this article.

Let’s get into it…

ARB Tundra Turns Heads At SEMA

ARB 3rd Gen Tundra Build With All New Parts Not Yet Released At SEMA Show

As mentioned in the intro, this truck turned heads at the SEMA show this past year. The Tundra was parked right next to a beautiful new Tacoma Trailhunter, which honestly did get a lot of attention, but as SEMA goers progressed through ARB’s booth, I saw many lock eyes on this Lunar Rock build and just stare at that front bumper!

The presence that this truck had was massive! Everything from the new Zenith Front Bumper with a massive row of Nacho lights, to the nice tall bed rack over the bed, this truck was getting attention!

Toyota being a trailblazer in the off-road realm, the Tundra instantly captured the heart of overlanders in the market for a full-size pick up. The off-road community, hungry for adventure, eagerly requested the full range of ARB 4×4 Accessories for their newly preordered Tundras.

Fast forward, we debuted our 3rd Generation Tundra at the 2023 SEMA Show and many spectators were in awe. Here are more details on the build and what you can expect to see from ARB for your Toyota Tundra. – ARB

When I saw this truck at SEMA, I couldn’t help but realize how fitting all the aftermarket accessories from ARB looked on this truck. Seeing this truck next to the Tacoma, made me think that this Tundra could be a Trailhunter as well from Toyota, but we will touch on what I mean by that later in this article.

Products Coming For Tundra

New Product Line For 3rd Gen (22+) Tundra - Bed Rack, Bumpers, Rock Sliders & More

So what products are on the horizon for the new Tundra? As of this moment, there are four products on the horizon. ARB hasn’t mentioned any timeframe yet for release, pricing, or specs, however, we can get an idea of what these products are and how they will perform

Zenith Bumper 

The Zenith bumper seems to flow with the front end perfectly. It integrates all of the parking sensors, radar cruise control, and even the OEM fog lights from the Tundra nicely. The bumper also has integrated recovery hooks, and winch support, and allows placement for a row of ARB’s Nacho lights. This bumper is a mix of rugged high clearance design along with looking Baja-ready in my opinion. To put it plainly, this bumper is super badass.

Side Steps 

While the rest of the competition seems to be making rock sliders, it’s unique to see that ARB chose to go with just a beefier steel side step. While there is nothing wrong with that, I feel that if somebody elects to have a higher clearance front bumper, they may also consider more traditional sliders to protect their rocker panels.

The side steps do look very OEM plus and seem to be a bit beefier than what Toyota offers from the factory as well. If you’re not wheeling super hard, this might be perfect for you.

Prototype Front Bumper For 3rd Gen Tundra From ARB With New Nacho LED Lights

OME MT64 Suspension 

This suspension setup is the latest from Old Man Emu (OME) and it seems they will be bringing it to the Tundra. Per OME, this kit is ideal for replacing the OE shocks and vehicles with no added weight. Comes with application-valved shock absorbers, the MT64 offers the best in balanced performance for on and off-road use. Multiple snap-ring grooves in the strut body allow for different spring seat positions, providing 2.5 inches of lift when paired with the OME coil springs. Smooth controlled ride for everyday and long-distance driving to reduce fatigue and improve driver and passenger comfort.

Bed Rack 

This bed rack looks nice and high, I prefer bed racks this way. You still retain good access to your bed for truck things, yet you have nice tall side panels to mount all your accessories to the MOLLE panels and other various mounting points that his rack has. I’m not sure if ARB will offer multiple options for various heights, or if they will only offer what we see here on this Tundra.

Tacoma Trailhunter Influence

Tacoma Trailhunter ARB Booth

So if you aren’t aware, there is a new 4th Gen Tacoma trim level coming out called the Trailhunter. I know I mentioned it earlier in this article, but I want to go into a bit more detail on what this truck is. The Trailhunter is an overland ready truck, straight from the factory. So what does this have to do with ARB? Well, they collaborated with Toyota to create the Trailhunter with OEM parts which were developed for Tacoma and also have ARB’s branding on them. How freaking awesome is that! The Trailhunter has an ARB Bed Rack, OME Suspension, and ARB rear bumper, along with other accessories that can be added through Toyota’s 3rd Party Accessory Program.

I mentioned all that to say this with clarity, ARB knows these Toyotas inside and out and can create probably the more OEM-compliant aftermarket accessories for the new Tundra. I look forward to seeing if they will eventually have any parts straight from the factory like they do with the Tacoma.

Final Thoughts

3rd Gen Tundra With New ARB Product Line - SEMA Demo Vehicle

So what are your thoughts on this lineup? I honestly think that they look cool and that they will function really well. I am excited for the OME suspension to be available for our trucks too! I had OME BP-51s on my last Tacoma and fell in love with that setup. It’s honestly still probably one of the best suspension kits I’ve run on a truck.

What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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