BamBeds For 3rd Gen Tundra – Review

BamBeds Sleeping Platform For 3rd Gen Tundra

Modular Sleeping & Storage Platform With Quick & Easy Set Up

BamBeds offers a packable, modular, and quickly deployable sleeping platform for truck camping.

I’ve posted before on the BamBeds system for the Tacoma. This platform on my last truck was super enjoyable to use for pack-and-play camping. So, I’m happy again to have it for my new Tundra. There are some great upgrades that BamBeds offers like storage sliders and a nice rocking bench! The biggest noticeable change for me is the space of this full size model.

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Why Buy It?

BamBeds Review For 2022+ Tundra

There are many platform options. Why go with BamBeds?

A big reason is modularity… The setup is quick, strong, tool-free, uncomplicated, and adaptable. It can be made into short or extended arrangements. The panels can be used for other purposes like a cooking platform, an optional rocking bench, and more.

The system breaks down during travel to allow extra space for gear and has generous space underneath when fully setup. Further, it is sturdy, functional, and durable, being made of high grade, solid, thick birch plywood. The design is also straightforward from an engineering standpoint; so it’s unlikely that you’ll have problems far away from civilization. The finish and joinery are smooth, lending a pleasant aesthetic to your rig.

My family loves it. If you are a truck camping enthusiast or just want to organize your truck storage, this setup is for you.


BamBeds Unboxing

I took this image after opening the packages – couldn’t wait!

Anyway, the panels and accessories come extra wrapped up and lined with packaging stiffeners – really great for keeping things undamaged in shipping. I was kinda nervous about the condition of the items when they arrived, but everything was perfectly fine inside.

These boxes actually sat outside for a few days and some rain water got on them, but this didn’t affect the interior. Still, I should have placed it somewhere nice and dry. It might be a good idea to have a note with your carrier to place large items in a protected area.

Set Up

How To Set Up BamBeds Platform In Tundra

Setting up the platform is fairly intuitive. Above is the entire system packed down. You can use simple cargo straps to keep it secure while traveling.

My kit came with 5 main panels, 6 support braces, and 2 cargo sliders. Other options allow the system to come without the tailgate extension and without the sliders. But I recommend these features! If you’ll notice above – the width of the two sliders side-by-side is nearly exactly the width of the bed between the tire wells. This is on purpose…

Fully Deployed


The support bracing slides smartly between the sliders and tire wells to form a secure bracing wedge. The full platform is wide, long, and solid. The panels can easily support a lot of weight.

During my testing, I had about 350 pounds of humans, dog, bedding, and gear distributed across the surface and nothing was creaking or bowing. Each bracing piece fits neatly into carved slots to make for some very nice joints that add extra rigidity.

With Sleeping Gear

3rd Gen Tundra With Flated Air Topper & BamBeds Sleeping Platform

The Tundra truck bed allows for plenty of space. Two adults can fit on the platform very comfortably (or four young children). From the compact stowed position to the fully setup position, this is an incredible adaptive sleeping platform.

Total time to setup or breakdown is maybe two minutes. The entire unit likewise stores in minimal space at home. No screws, or clips, or latches to fumble with. This setup is just as cozy as it looks!

With Memory Foam Mattress

BamBeds With Memory Foam Mattress

A note about the mattress: A queen size mattress fills out the surface completely. BamBeds recommends this Memory Foam Tri-Fold Mattress.

This folding-bed tucks away for storage, but is also super comfortable to lay on. It folds down to 24″ x 12″ x 54″ and in this capacity can almost be used as a couch or futon. The cover is also removable and washable.

Above you can see that the mattress extends past the interior bed (when tailgate up). If you want to close the tailgate to sleep at night, you can either unzip and remove one of the tri-fold sections in the mattress or you can fold one section over and use it as a large pillow.


Bam Beds Craftsmanship

I really can’t say enough about the craftsmanship here. The curves, sanding, joinery, and design are really superb. Nothing sticks. Nothing jiggles loose. No splinters in the hand. No angle of this design offends the eye. It’s all buttery smooth and functional.

Tip: These panels are fully customizable to your needs. They can be coated with a polyurethane, carpet, or any liner of your choice. I left them bare for review but will be coating them in an outdoor urethane soon.

The panels fit snugly against the bed walls. They literally cinch into place. Support bracing underneath pokes through the panel cutouts, displaying close attention to detail. Handhold cutouts on all sides of each board make for easy handling of the large panels. The whole system fits together like a puzzle.

Tip: If you’re worried about noise of the wood bumping the walls of the bed while you’re laying on it and moving around, just place some sheet cloth between the two. Overall, it wasn’t an issue for us.

Supporting Braces

BamBeds Supporting Braces

Underneath, the support bracing slides just right between the sliders and tire well. The circular cutouts reduce overall weight and make a nice design touch. These braces work without the storage slides, and they sit in the concave section of your bed floor. (But you should get the sliders anyway!)

Tip: I installed a set of VersaTrax RailTrax (tie down system) and they made the BamBeds platform stand a little higher toward the rear (removed for this review). It wasn’t a problem, but something to watch for if you’ve got extra mods in the bed area. It fits really well on the stock setup! On my Tacoma, I had installed a bed rug – yea, I’m sort of old school like that. Anyway, it still fit into my bed with the rug, but it was really snug.


3rd Gen Tundra With Inflatable Truck Bed Topper & Wooden Storage & Sleeping Platform

There’s a lot of space underneath the platform. I was able to fit four full size sleeping bags, three back packs, cooking equipment, firewood, blankets, and more – and I still have room leftover. They can be extended out about half way before tipping.

I would recommend placing something toward the back to prevent this. If storage containers are your thing, you can fit bins 10″ high by 24″ wide underneath the platform on each slider. (The sliders themselves are 24″ wide.)


BamBeds Review

On this “test run” trip, we spent over a week driving and camping from California all the way up to Wyoming. Big changes in weather and scenery! One afternoon as I was climbing onto the platform during the trip, something about this view captured above looked serene and simple. And I value simplicity of gear.

With BamBeds there is nothing to break or malfunction: no pins, gears, latches, bearings, and so on. The boards are tough and would be difficult even purposefully to damage. My children wanted to use one to go sledding, but I told them to hold off for now. We can do extreme durability testing later…

BamBeds Review

What I appreciate most is its modular adaptability to a variety of situations: camping, cooking, relaxing, (possibly sledding?), an actual rocking bench, and then back into minimal storage.

If you’re traveling from a warm place like California to a cold environment like Wyoming, you can adapt the setup in just a few seconds. I’ll be using mine to make some more great experiences and memories for years to come.

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