BamBeds Storage & Sleeping Platform For 2nd Gen Tundra

BamBeds Sleeping & Storage Platform For 2nd Gen Tundra

A Modular, Quick Deploy Sleeping Platform System For 2007-2021 Tundra

I’ve spent many years running a rooftop tent on my vehicles. However, I’ve always loved the simplicity of sleeping in the truck bed. The biggest issue was figuring out a sleeping setup that could easily be removed so I could still use my truck for hauling things. When BamBeds launched their Tundra line of products, I knew I had to try it.

If you’re unfamiliar with this product, it’s a modular and easily packable sleeping platform for your truck bed. If you have a bed topper, it’s the perfect way to create a comfortable enclosed sleeping area. It’s a great option for weekend warriors who need to use their trucks for work during the week.

Note: There are two leg height options, 10.75″ and 14.25″. I have tested both and will share my thoughts below.

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Sleeping Platform For 2nd Gen Tundra

You might be wondering why you can’t just sleep right on the floor of your truck bed. You could, but here are three reasons I prefer not to, speaking from personal experience.

  • Space – The 2nd Gen Tundra has high wheel wells that protrude into the truck bed and limit the available sleep space to about 50″ wide compared to around 65″ with a platform.
  • Comfort – The raised ridges in the bed are uncomfortable to sleep on and laying on the composite gets cold at night due to thermal conductivity.
  • Storage – Just throwing a mattress in your truck bed removes any storage space for gear. Elevated platforms allow you to store gear underneath while sleeping comfortably on top.


BamBeds Sleeping Platform

The BamBeds perfectly fits all of the curves, bumps, and divots of the Tundra’s bed. The panels that sit against the bed walls also fit the grooves, ensuring that it utilizes every inch of sleeping space while staying secure while driving.

A great feature is the center panels that can be removed if you need to store larger items or get to something under the bed. These two centerpieces are set perfectly on top of the ledges on the platform.

BamBeds Interlocking Legs

The most innovative part of this setup is how the legs attach to the platform. It utilizes stiffener pins that twist and lock into place so the legs can easily be attached or removed. This also eliminates wobble since it is much more secure.

Set Up

Wood Truck Bed Sleeping Platform

The Tundra is a bit interesting compared to the Tacoma – it doesn’t have the useful ledges to rest a platform on. Some clever engineering went into making this sturdy and easy to set up. The system comes with (4) interlocking platforms, (10) legs, and (10) locking stiffeners.

The top panels comprise the two sleeping platform parts that push up to the side of the truck bed. Two middle panels can easily be removed if you need to get into your storage below. It is incredibly helpful to travel with one of the middle panels removed because if you need to transport something tall like a bike, fridge, or large solar generator, you can.

BamBeds Sleeping Platform With Hest Mattress In 2G Tundra

Once you’ve assembled the bed, you can set your mattress on top and hit the road. BamBeds recommends a tri-fold mattress, however, I found my two Hest Foamy Wide mattresses fit perfectly on this platform. I have the 6’7″ bed but if you have the shorter bed, you could easily set up an extension like the Topper Tent or sleep diagonally.


Removeable Sleeping & Storage Platform For Tundra

The 2nd Gen Tundra does not have the sliding system for storage as the 3rd Gen does, but there are tons of options for storage. You could get the recommended bins or use any storage bins that fit the open space. The 23Zero 102L Overland Gear Box and the Adventure Wagon Aux Box Large 147L are two options that work well with the full-height platform (pictured above).

Who Is This For?

Truck Bed Sleeping Platform Review

The BamBeds system is perfect for the weekend warrior who likes simplicity. Pull up to camp, set up in minutes (if you haven’t already), and you’re good to go. The platform is comfortable enough for longer trips too, I’ve done several 3-4 day trips and have zero complaints.

Most people don’t overland for months at a time, so a permanent setup doesn’t make much sense for the average adventurer. This platform is perfect for someone who needs a camping set-up but also wants to use their truck for what it’s meant to do. Unlike a rooftop tent, it won’t hurt your fuel economy either.

Final Thoughts

Bed Platform System For Tundra

After using this bed platform for a few weeks on multiple trips, I can say this is the best sleeping solution I’ve used to date. I originally had a custom-made DIY version, but that didn’t quite fit my needs. Needless to say, I’m quite pleased with it.

Despite the taller legs taking away a little headroom, I gladly take that in exchange for more storage space underneath. However, the 10.75″ legs will still provide plenty of storage if you need more headroom.

BamBeds Review

Overall, this is my favorite camping setup I’ve had. It’s a hassle-free sleeping configuration that doesn’t take up half my garage while not in use. It doesn’t rattle, creak, or have any quirks I can think of. It does exactly what it’s made to do. This bed platform meets all my needs and I can’t wait to bring it with me on many more adventures.

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