MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro Air Compressor Review

MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro Review

The Latest In Portable Air, Featuring Auto Shutoff At Preset PSI, Quiet Operation & More!

Imagine this… It’s 2 pm on Sunday, you’re two nights into a fantastic long weekend on the trail, and it’s time to head home. The forest road is surrendering its washboard conditions to well-graded gravel, and pavement is in sight — it’s time. Now, you’ll spend the next 25 minutes meticulously removing valve stem caps, wrangling a weak compressor, and waiting ages to get your tires back to a safe street PSI.

Whether you’re returning from a Saturday hunt, bombing washboard roads, or trying to gain 2 MPGs on the interstate, everybody knows the struggle with airing up (& down) your tires. Fortunately, MORRFlate has developed a fantastic solution.

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Who Is This For?

Airing Up Tundra Tires With MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro Compressor

In the off-road community, airing down your tires is commonplace whenever you leave the pavement. Doing so provides noticeably better comfort and traction on uneven terrain. But, what happens when you’re ready to get back home?

The TenSix PSI Pro is the most capable offering from MORRFlate. It’s ideal for those who venture far in their rigs, routinely off-road, and desire a reliable, quick method for reinflating their tires. It allows you to spend more time out there and less time kneeling beside an exhaust pipe.

    Key Features

    MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro Features

    A common specification for air compressors is “CFM” (cubic feet per minute). This is a simple way of conveying how much air a compressor can push. The TenSix PSI Pro can deliver 10.6 CFM at 0 PSI, which is screaming compared to its competitors, where 3 CFM is routine and 6 CFM is something to boast about. This is all thanks to its dual-cylinder system.

    Key Features

    • Dual-cylinder system (up to 10.6 CFM)
    • Digital display for precise control & readout
    • Automatic air and thermal cutoff to protect your tires and the compressor
    • Bleed valve to normalize system pressure
    • Designed to work with their multi-tire inflation/deflation system
    • Includes carrying handle and carrying case
    • 12v power connection
    • Relatively quiet at 70db/1ft

    How It Works

    Air Compressor For 35" Tires

    The notion of a “portable compressor” often incites images of a small device that connects to a vehicle’s cigarette outlet. These work okay, but still take a long time to inflate a single tire. They’re also no match for oversized off-road tires.

    The TenSix PSI Pro is a monster, but it’s simple to use…

    1. Connect directly to the vehicle battery (ensure the terminals are clean).
    2. Keep the vehicle running so the compressor doesn’t drain the battery.
    3. Connect the air chucks – I highly recommend using MORRFlate’s multi-tire hose kit. This setup is designed to leverage the compressor’s high output efficiently.
    4. Connect the air hoses to the compressor and open the valve. This setup initiates the compressor, displaying the current tire pressure on the digital screen.
    5. Select your preferred pressure unit (PSI for the U.S.) and adjust to your target level using the plus (+) and minus (-) controls. Press start and the PSI Pro will inflate your tires and automatically shut off once the desired PSI is reached.

    This compressor takes the guesswork out of inflating your tires. It ensures that all four tires are set to the exact pressure you want, every time.

    Another benefit of the multi-tire hose system is that it equalizes tire pressures. That means whichever tire has the least air will get the most until all four reach the desired pressure.

    Pro Tip: Grab some metal valve stem caps for your tires! They’re more durable and less prone to cross-threading compared to plastic ones.

    Design & Build Quality

    How To Use MORRFlate Compressor

    Speed isn’t the only thing the TenSix PSI Pro exceeds at; it’s also built incredibly well! Boasting a design tailored for the environment in which it will be used, the compressor’s robust construction uses high-strength materials that both look & feel the part.

    When compared to Gen 1, this Gen 2 features…

    • Stainless steel outlet hose for superior heat dissipation
    • A purge valve on the rear of the compressor which safeguards the system from damage
    • Resized aluminum heat sinks as opposed to the previous ABS material
    • Upgraded aluminum cylinders (formerly steel) and new piston rings, which increase longevity & minimize heat

    These upgrades are simply icing on the cake of an already incredibly rugged air compressor.


      Portable Off-Road Air Compressor

      This compressor aired up all of my 35″ Goodyear Wranglers from 20PSI to 65PSI in 7 minutes and 9 seconds. For reference, I have a steel bumper, heavy-duty suspension, and a truck camper. Yes, I understand that this is maxing out the tire capacity. As far as noise level, I had no issue listening to music through my phone’s speaker the entire time – and it wasn’t even at full volume. The days of ringing ears from hearing a compressor struggle for 20 minutes are over.

      Pros & Cons

      MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro - PROS & CONS

      As with any purchase, there are pros and cons. Let’s break them down!


      • Ease of Use: Gone are the days of leg cramps, repeatedly attaching a compressor line to each tire, and keeping tabs on the pressure gauge.
      • Quiet Yet Quick: The TenSix PSI Pro has no competition in speed and noise.
      • Quality: Heavy-duty construction and designed to withstand heavy use.
      • Multi-tire Inflation/Deflation Compatible: When used alongside MORRFlate’s multi-tire kits, this compressor can air up any rig in minutes.
      • Longevity: MORRFlate boasts that this can air up to 6-8 rigs in a row before performance becomes noticeably hampered.


      • Increased Vibrations: Due to its robust and powerful dual-cylinder design, the TenSix has issues with vibration dampening. This means you’ll need to place it on the ground when in use. Otherwise, it will rattle off any hard surface like a bumper.
      • Price: It’s pricey compared to single-cylinder competitors. However, its advanced features, high build quality, and capabilities help justify the price tag.

      Final Thoughts

      Airing Up Tundra Overland Build With Pop Up Camper

      As with any component of your rig, reliability, and performance become paramount when you’re off the beaten path! The MORRFlate TenSix PSI Pro addresses these concerns and effectively eliminates the lengthy process of airing up tires after your adventures. Gone are the days of deciding whether to air down tires for a smoother ride on the trail – with this compressor, the answer is always “yes.”

      Designed to endure the extremes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a situation where the TenSix PSI Pro fails to exceed expectations. When it comes to competitors, there quite frankly are none.

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